6 /10 Ari Wibowo

Life is a nightmare for this Indonesian teenager who suffers from a condition that makes him shed his skin every 41 days.

Yes, just like a reptile. And it’s terrible as, before shedding, his skin becomes very dry and scaly.

To deal with his condition, the boy needs to bathe 20 times a day and continuously apply lotion to his flaking skin.

While his condition is known to medicine, although rare, the people in his village are convinced his misfortune was caused by his mother killing a lizard while pregnant.


5 /10 Hu Yuefang

She might look like a toddler, but Hu Yuefang is a teenager affected by an unknown disease that made her stop growing when she was about six years old.

On top of that, she has a small child’s mental capacity and can only say a few words. And, to add to her misfortune, her father died, and her mother abandoned her, leaving Hu in the care of her aging grandfather.


4 /10 Hunter Steinitz

The story of Hunter Steinitz gives a whole new meaning to the phrase thick-skinned. The teenager suffers from a condition that makes her skin thick, which provides her with the weirdest look.

And that’s not all, the rough patches of thick skin make it impossible for Hunter to close her eyes, and the hair cannot grow on her head.

She has to wear a wig to escape cruel taunts, but she tries to live like everyday life as possible.


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