8 Mind Over Machine

The future will be ruled and governed by artificial intelligence. The computers will command each aspect of daily living for the people in their care.

All the decisions we struggle as people to make will be out of our hands and controlled by a network of computer minds powerful enough to predict the changing tides of culture and ethics accurately. Machines that don’t just do the math, they can philosophize as well.

7 A Hard Line

Those who are found as criminals are sent to labor camps to work off their debts, calculated by the robot intelligence. For harsher crimes that can’t be traded for labor, the criminal’s mind is uploaded to a simulated reality.

They are made part of the machine network and forced into menial work for eternity. Those who cannot reintegrate into society will not be allowed back in.

The one dark spot on the shiny record of the future’s potential is that some people will always be wrong.


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