Many believe a race of giants walked our world sometime in the distant past, and to look at the people on this list, does look like a possibility.

Here’s a look at some real-life giants, people exceptionally tall or firm, and how they cope with being huge.

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10 /10 Sultan Kosen

Turkish man Sultan Chosen holds the Guinness World record for being the tallest person globally, with 8 feet and 2.8 inches.

As is the case with all real-life giants, Sultan’s extraordinary growth was caused by a tumor on his pituitary gland.

Although he has trouble walking and needs to use crutches, Sultan has traveled the world and appeared on many shows.

He also holds the record for the world’s biggest hands, almost 11 inches, and his shoe size is 22. Don’t look for it at the store; nobody sells this kind of shoes.


9 /10 Sajjad Gharibi

Sajjad is known as the Iranian Hulk or the Persian Hercules because of his exceptional muscle mass. This real-life Hulk stands at 6ft 2in tall but weighs an impressive 340 lbs, and no, it’s not fat; it’s mostly muscle.

He’s a professional weightlifter and bodybuilder, and he’s appeared many times on the MMA circuit.

To maintain his impressive physique, Sajjad eats 4-5 times a day, and we’re not talking about snacks here; it’s full three-course meals with plenty of second helpings. But he tries to eat healthy at least.


8 /10 Dalip Singh Rana

Also known as The Great Khali, Dalip Singh Rana is a professional wrestler with an incredible body. Born in India, he is 7 ft 1 in tall and weighs 350 lbs, which explains his feats in the ring.

Rana was cast in several movies with such a physique, both in Hollywood and in its Indian version, Bollywood.

He does weight training two hours a day and lives a very healthy life. Since he is a very religious man, he doesn’t drink or smoke.


7 /10 Dharmendra Pratap Singh

Standing at 8 feet and 1 inch, Dharmendra Pratap Singh is the tallest man in India. Being a local celebrity doesn’t help him much as everyday life can be very complicated when you’re that tall.

Just imagine getting into a car. And nobody’s willing to hire him, incredibly as his impressive height is quite taxing on his spine, and he walks with difficulty.

Singh’s only means of making a living appears at freak shows, which are pretty popular in the country.

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6 /10 Denis Cyplenkov

Ukrainian-born Denis Cyplenkov is an arm-wrestler famous around the world for his massive arms and hands. He’s not exceedingly tall, just 6ft 1in, but he has the components of a giant.

His biceps measure 25 inches, and his fingers are so big and strong he can crush walnuts with a mere flip. To achieve such muscles, Denis keeps to an extenuating training routine, focusing on weightlifting.


5 /10 Elisany Da Cruz Silva

Brazilian Elisany Da Cruz Silva was crowned the tallest teenager in the world. Well, a crown is just a manner of speech as it’s hard to reach to the head of a 6ft 9in a young woman.

With such an impressive height and striking good looks, she regularly appears on many TV shows, and she’s also found an adorable husband, although relatively short, only 5 ft 4 in.

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4 /10 Bao Xishun

Being a real-life giant doesn’t need to stop you from having a close to everyday life. Like almost all of the men in China, Bao Xishun served in the army but was discharged after a few months.

Later, he went back to Inner Mongolia, the province where he was born, took on a regular job at a hospital, and even found love.

He got married to a woman half his height, and they have a son together. Also, he regularly appears on TV shows which helps a lot since it allows him to earn extra money.

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3 /10 Mariusz Pudzianowski

This Polish giant won the Strongest Man’s title in the orld five times, more than any athlete ever.

Dubbed The Dominator, Pudzianowski has a great list of personal records, like 915 lbs for the deadlift.

What does such a strongman eat for breakfast? Ten eggs and three pounds of bacon. No, he doesn’t believe in healthy eating, and he loves ice cream.


2 /10 Broc Brown

Brown was a fantastic kid. By kindergarten, he was 5 ft tall, almost as tall as his mom, and he continued growing, eventually being recognized as the world’s largest teenager.

He suffers from cerebral gigantism, and, as an adult, he now stands at 7 ft 9 inches.

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1 /10 Sun Mingming

Chinse-born Sun Mingming (7ft 9in) is considered the tallest professional basketball player globally.

He moved to the US to pursue a career in his favorite sport and make more money than he could’ve made in his native country.

His wife is also quite tall for a woman, 6ft 1in, and together they have been declared the tallest married couple in the world.

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