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6 /10 Seriously Sexy Look

The occasion is the same, the Maxim Hot 100 Party, but in 2011. And what a difference one year makes!

It’s rare to see Amber Rose wearing glasses, and you can bet they’re there just because they go well with the dress. What is she trying to be here? The sexy teacher? The hot nerdy girl? But you can recognize her by her smile…

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5 /10 Optical Illusions

It’s hard to say what Amber Rose is trying to hide with this dress. When you look at those vertical lines and the black fabric on the sides, let’s say those are meant to create an optical illusion and make you look slimmer.

Now, Amber Rose has never been called fat as far as we know, but, who knows, maybe she didn’t feel all that comfortable in her skin at that moment and wanted to appear slimmer.

Anyway, a useful trick to keep in mind if you haven’t had time to hit the gym lately.

Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com

4 /10 Balance

Amber Rose is not one to wear loud makeup, and it’s a sage choice since striking colors would only undermine her natural beauty.

The earrings she wore for the 2012 Billboard Awards are quite big but simple in design because they’re not meant to catch the eye. All the eyes should be on her face and her smile. Nice lipstick, by the way.


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