One of her generation’s most talented actresses, Cameron Diaz, started as a model when she was just 16.

Five years later, she made a stunning debut in Hollywood with the lead role in The Mask. A star was born.

Cameron Diaz became a sex-symbol in Hollywood and without trying very hard. She was blessed with gorgeous looks.

No matter what some might say, it’s hard to beat a suave blue-eyed blonde!

The decades spent in Hollywood showed us a Cameron Diaz going through various stages, but always as beautiful as when she first appeared on the silver screen.

If you look at some of the later photos, you will notice a few fine lines which make her only more appealing.

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10 /10 Rising Star

Cameron Diaz was 27 in 1999 when this photo was taken, and she was a hot item in Hollywood. Too bad she seems a bit sad.

It wasn’t because she was unhappy with the outfit, for it is simply gorgeous. If you look at her photos, you’ll notice that with her blonde locks and suave blue eyes, pastel colors fit Cameron Diaz best! 

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9 /10 When You're Smiling...

True enough, Cameron Diaz has such a nice and carefree smile it illuminated the room at the 8th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in LA, back in 2002.

Not that they didn’t have enough lights already… And she had plenty of reasons to be smiling. That was when Shrek became the first movie to win an Oscar for the Best Animated Feature. And who can forget Princess Fiona?  

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8 /10 Fresh-Faced Beauty

When you’re as beautiful as she is, you don’t need tons of makeup. For the 2007 MTV Movie Awards, Cameron Diaz went for a classy black dress, leaving her shoulders bare.

She appears to have very little makeup and no jewelry. Even her hairdo is effortless, with no curls, no expert styling. Beauty unadorned

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7 /10 Pretty In Pink

Cameron Diaz is pretty in any color; she’d look great in a potato sack. However, this divine pink dress she wore at the 2009 Golden Globe Awards accentuates her youthful looks.

And there’s nothing like silk to make a woman stand out. Also, the loose locks were meant to convey the same girly image.

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6 /10 Such A Friendly Face

Someone must have said something funny; look at the smile on Cameron’s face. A smart woman always knows how to choose lipstick to go well with her skin tone, and bright red works just perfectly for her.

What’s so refreshing about Cameron Diaz is that she always has an easy-going look on her face. That’s a rarity in Hollywood!

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5 /10 The Seductress

Maybe you’ve got used to seeing Cameron Diaz as delicate and innocent as she appears in most photos. However, for my sister’s keeper’s premiere, one of her best movies ever, she chose to reveal her seductive powers.

The body-hugging white dress is meant to reveal her splendid curves, and the look in her eyes signals danger! 

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4 /10 Look At Those Eyes

Just wow! This is one of our favorite photos of hers as she looks smoking hot! Yes, the red dress is gorgeous, no doubt about that, but it’s her mesmerizing eyes that stand out in this photo.

On second thought, the golden necklace is also superb. And very discreet, something not many celebrities understand.


3 /10 Sexy In Leather

To be in your (early) 40s and still be able to rock in a tight black leather outfit that says something about you.

Well, Cameron is known for trying to live healthily and counting her calories, just as any celebrity. Such an outfit was a great choice as it showcases her perfect curves, and it does go well with her blonde hair.

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2 /10 Saying Goodbye

This photo was taken in 2014 when Cameron Diaz donned a very revealing black dress for the LA premiere of the comedy The Other Woman.

It was one of the last movies she made before announcing she was retiring from acting in 2018. True, since then, she got married and had a kid, but do you think she won’t be back on screen once the kid grows up a bit?

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1 /10 The Picture Of Classy

Many celebrities seem to believe it is their mission to show as much skin as possible every time they walk on the red carpet.

This is a lesson in class Cameron Diaz gave at the 2014 premiere of her movie Sex Tape. The loose silky outfit falls great on her slender figure, and the cleavage is quite tasteful.

On the other hand, that movie had plenty of nude scenes, so there wasn’t much left to reveal anyway.

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