Born in 1985, in Israel, Gal Gadot is a woman who has done a bit of everything: she’s been a model, actress, producer, hotelier, beauty queen, UN ambassador, and combat instructor.

In 2004, she began her career by winning the Miss Israel beauty pageant, at just eighteen years of age, to then start her two mandatory years in the Israeli Army in 2006, at the age of twenty.

Immediately after that she decided to go to college, to pursue a degree in Law and International Relations at the same time that she built her acting career.

And what a career! Since her first important appearance as Gisele in Fast & Furious 4 (2009), she’s been all over the big screen, most frequently in the role of Wonder Woman for the homonymous movie of 2017 and the upcoming sequel, expected for this year.

Let’s take a look, then, at some of the ten most breathtaking photos of this true wonder woman, taken along her career.

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10 /10 Pretty In Purple

To the 2009 world premiere for her breakthrough film, Fast & Furious 4, Gal Gadot decided to attend in a simple lilac tube dress, that went along beautifully with a dashing yellow bag and simpler beige sandal heels.

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9 /10 A Smoking Sense Of Fashion

Four years later, to the Los Angeles premiere of Fast & Furious 6, she had stepped up the boldness of her outfits, and wore this beautiful smokey wrap dress, that she paired with a necklace of golden chains. Gold and silver: always a winning combo!

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8 /10 Million Dollar Look

And gold and silver were indeed the themes of her dress for the Los Angeles premiere of Keeping Up With The Joneses, in 2016. Here she wore a sparkling half-gold, half-silver sequin strapless dress, for that simply astonishing look.

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7 /10 Reminiscences Of The 1920s

Later that year, for a screening of that same movie, she decided to radically change her style and attend wearing a beige-and-black slip dress, with black heels, for an interesting look reminiscent of the 1920s.

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6 /10 Natural Beauty

A close-up photo reveals that she didn’t display any flashy jewelry, preferring to maintain her more natural, unadulterated good looks, and wearing simply a warm-color makeup, to emphasize the features of her face.

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5 /10 A Wondrous Outfit

For the photocall of Justice League of a year later, Gal Gadot had already become Wonder Woman, and her outfit was ready to show it: she went with a black-and-beige dress again, this time armed with shoulder pads and a collected hairstyle to project all the power of her character.

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4 /10 Impactful Colors For The Creative Impact Awards

Displaying once again her excellent ability to read the circumstances and choose her outfit accordingly, Gadot wore a very bold pink power suit, projecting all the daring of true creativity, for the PSIFF Creative Impact Awards of 2018.

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3 /10 The Look Of Determination

For the 23rd Annual Critics’ Choice Awards of that same year, Gal Gadot’s choice was entirely different: a beautiful silver sequins slip dress, paired with very subtle silver earrings (almost like a detail in her ears) and a splash of color from her red lipstick. And look at that look!

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2 /10 Classic Choices

A slip dress was also her choice for the 29th Annual Producers Guild Awards of 2018, which she attended before becoming a producer herself in late 2019. Notice how well the black dress goes with her red lipstick: a classic look for gala nights.

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1 /10 One For The Camera!

Whenever she takes a look at the camera, it seems that her eyes are all you see. Just one word for that: captivating! And that’s not to say anything about how well plays along the combination of her black outfit with her deep, dark eyes.

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