A child of the Eastern and Western coasts of the United States (she was born in Los Angeles, then moved to New York when she was still a kid), Jennifer Aniston got her big breakthrough as Rachel Green in Friends, the show that catapulted her to stardom (and even got her for a hairstyle to be named after her!).

And even though many people recognize her mainly for this role, there’s no denying that she’s been all over the screens for the past two decades: from comedies like The Break-Up (2006) and Bruce Almighty (2003) to her role as a model in advertising and her philanthropic works, Jennifer Aniston is a name known around the world.

But her influence as a cultural icon wouldn’t be complete if she didn’t have a wonderful sense of fashion to complement her natural beauty.

Here, we’ll take a look at the ten most captivating photos that the camera has captured of her through the years.

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10 /10 The One During The Friends Heyday

Arriving at the Screen Actors Awards in 1999 (with her Friends co-star David Schwimmer seen in the back), Jennifer is here wearing a dress set made out of a black skirt that she matched with an equally black crop top, and all tied together with a pearl necklace. Flawless!

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9 /10 Golden In Pink

Ten years (and a whole post-Friends career) later, Jennifer Aniston appears here in the 2009 Women in Film Crystal + Lucy Awards, wearing a champagne-colored tube dress that she matched with high heel shoes, and her natural, golden-brown hair.

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8 /10 Portrayed As The Romcom Queen

Portrayed here at the premiere of The Switch in 2010 (and no wonder why, since one of her biggest recurrent roles has been as a leading character in romantic comedies), she went for a bold look combining black and a peach color, both of which suit her very well.

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7 /10 Golden Hair For A Busy Year

In 2011 she starred in two of the most important comedies of the year, Just Go With It and Horrible Bosses, and here’s her at the Hollywood premiere of the second one, sporting a classic black slip dress.

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6 /10 Dressing To Impress

She wore an olive patterned slip dress (which matches very well with the natural tones of her hair) at the 2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles, where she was nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role, for her dramatic role in the movie Cake.

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5 /10 Dressing To Impress: Close-Up

A more attentive look reveals that she also took good care to match her accessories with the colors of her dress, by taking copper earrings and a golden-colored necklace to complement the whole outfit.

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4 /10 A Peachy Night At The Oscars

Illustrating further her excellent sense of composition of colors, she wore a beige slip dress that complemented beautifully her peach-colored makeup and her golden hair, at the 87th Annual Academy Awards in 2015.

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3 /10 Half Of A Power Couple

Married in 2015, Jennifer Aniston is here at the premiere of the season three of HBO’s The Leftovers, where her then-husband Justin Theroux starred in a leading role. She wore black, probably to play along the darker theme of the series.

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2 /10 Black Is Always In Fashion

To continue this trend of darker colors she wore a more matte-finished black dress, paired with copper earrings, at the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award to George Clooney in 2018.

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1 /10 A Quarter-Century Of Elegance

Twenty-five years after the premiere of Friends, Jennifer Aniston is here at the premiere of her latest comedy work: Murder Mystery, released in 2019.

To keep up with the dark tone of this comedy, she wore again a black dress, establishing what seems to be a pattern in her fashion choices that keeps up until the present.

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