After her sudden jump to fame in 2007, caused by her appearance in the Entertainment Television reality series Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian has become a staple name in celebrity lists.

Either through news about her perfume and cosmetics businesses, because of her acting career, her marriage to Kanye West or her more recent political activism on the issue of prison reform in the U.S., the second eldest daughter of the Kardashian family is always making the news, and you’ll hardly find someone who doesn’t know who she is, or hasn’t at least have heard of her.

In a word, Kim Kardashian is now famous for being famous, and we love her for that.

But you don’t make it to the list of the 100 most influential people by the Time magazine without paying some attention to your looks, and, in the case of Kim Kardashian, this is particularly true.

Her we’ll take a look at some of her ten most stunning photos along the years, to remember ourselves why nearly two hundred million people follow her ― on Instagram alone!

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10 /10 A Bam! Of Pink

For the 2010 unveiling of her wax figure at Madame Tussaud’s Museum, in New York, Kim attended wearing a neon pink wrap dress, perfectly matched with a soft pink makeup and a gorgeous, loose hairstyle that perfectly showcased her brilliant black hair.

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9 /10 Gorgeous In Silver And Blue

In 2012, her outfit choice was equally eye-capturing and colorful for the Pre-Grammys Party at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, in California: an open-front blue wrap dress, decorated with silver sequins and beige details. And those earrings!

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8 /10 Saffron, Just Saffron

A year later, she kept this interest in bright colors when choosing her dress for the Women in Entertainment Breakfast, celebrated in Hollywood: a gorgeous saffron satin tube dress, paired with a matte cape of the same color.

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7 /10 Queen Of The Jungle

For the Teen Choice Awards of 2014, her choice of colors was, however, a bit more understated: a black leather top with zebra print leggings, giving her the perfect balance between the seriousness of black leather and the vivacity of animal prints.

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6 /10 It's The Little Details

A closer look at her outfit for that night reveals also some golden details in her simple necklace, adding a little sparkle that goes along very well with her waxy lipstick and the muffled black reflections of her leather top.

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5 /10 Champagne At The Grammys

Fast forward two years, and here’s she at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards, dressed with a breathtaking champagne-colored open dress, that she paired with a copper slim belt and a hairstyle that’s just to die for.

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4 /10 That Old Gold Color

In 2017, for the Los Angeles premiere of the Thai horror film The Promise, she decided to wear this wonderful sheath dress of a muted golden color, paired with a simple and straight hairstyle.

The little black details in the turtleneck serve as a transition between both things, and complete this dazzling outfit!

Tinseltown /

3 /10 Light Gold And Deep Black

A bolder ensemble was her choice that same year for the LACMA Art + Film Gala, which she attended with a beautiful blazer dress matched with a very light blonde hair color. Notice how she reversed the two main elements from her past ensemble?

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2 /10 Beauty In Sunglasses

At the Christie’s 25th Anniversary Auction of 2018, in turn, she went with a soft pink slip dress (with tube dress features), matched with an element of interest: her retro sunglasses, for that soft 80’s look and a black touch to her brightly colored outfit.

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1 /10 Black For Gala Night

And then again, later that year, black was her color of choice for the 2018 LACMA Art + Film Gala, wearing an interesting black slip dress with makeup and hair of the same color, and a jet cross, to represent her Armenian Apostolic faith.

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