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6 /10 It's The Little Details

A closer look at her outfit for that night reveals also some golden details in her simple necklace, adding a little sparkle that goes along very well with her waxy lipstick and the muffled black reflections of her leather top.

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5 /10 Champagne At The Grammys

Fast forward two years, and here’s she at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards, dressed with a breathtaking champagne-colored open dress, that she paired with a copper slim belt and a hairstyle that’s just to die for.

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4 /10 That Old Gold Color

In 2017, for the Los Angeles premiere of the Thai horror film The Promise, she decided to wear this wonderful sheath dress of a muted golden color, paired with a simple and straight hairstyle.

The little black details in the turtleneck serve as a transition between both things, and complete this dazzling outfit!


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