A precocious child actress, Mila Kunis started acting in commercial at the age of just nine years old, making the jump to the silver screen at eleven, and to acting in films at eighteen.

Pretty awesome, and even more so considering that she moved to the United States from her birthplace, Chernivtsi (in what is nowadays Ukraine), at seven years old!

Her first big breakthrough happened when she was just fourteen years old, in 1998, and was casted for the role of Jackie Burkhart in the popular Fox sitcom That ’70s Show.

After appearing in all eight seasons of the show, her next great success would come in her parts in the comedies Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) and Extract (2009), as well as in the dramatic post-apocalyptic movie The Book of Eli (2010).

Since then, she has become a regular face in media during the last decade, and is still going strong.

Here we’ll take a look at some of her most eye-capturing photos, taken during a period spanning most of her career. Sit back, relax, and let’s see!

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10 /10 A Sparkling Start

At what was just the beginning of her film career, Kunis wore an bone-colored open-chested wrap dress, adorned with silver sequins, at the Los Angeles premiere of Max Payne, in 2008.

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9 /10 Lilac Wonder

A much simpler, but wonderfully elegant outfit was her choice for the 83rd Academy Awards, in 2011. She wore a very loose, laced lilac dress, along her silver and diamond earrings.

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8 /10 Scales? Feathers?

Then she surprised the world again, with her choice of an animal-patterned tube dress with shoulder pads, whose golden undertones went along perfectly with her earrings, at the 2011 Spike TV Guys Choice Awards.

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7 /10 The Smile As An Element Of Fashion

A closer look at what she wore reveals that her choice of a splash of color, to enliven the whole outfit, seems to have been her own sparkling-white smile! Her beautiful golden necklace, of a simple design, did very well its part too.

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6 /10 Red For The Red Carpet

Color is what wasn’t lacking for her next dress choice: a salmon and red strapless dress, with a long tail and a matching salmon belt, which she decided to wear for the Screen Actors’ Guild Awards of that year, 2011.

DFree / Shutterstock.com

5 /10 Simple And Beautiful

Five years after that, her choices for the Cinema Con Awards Gala of 2016 were equally wonderful: a simple, understated black slip dress with golden details, matched with equally golden earrings and a collected hairstyle.

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4 /10 Just A Little Look For The Camera

Look at those eyes! Kunis has explained that she has heterochromia, so her left eye is brown whereas her right eye is green. Both colors go beautifully with the golden details of her outfit, and here’s the proof!

Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com

3 /10 The Classic Look

For the Los Angeles premiere of A Bad Moms Christmas in 2016, Mila took notice of what is the ‘classic’ look for gala nights: a simple, beautiful black dress, paired with the complements of her choice. Here she picked diamond earrings, which are also another classic element of night dressing.

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2 /10 The Classic Look: A Close-Up

A longer look at her outfit reveals that the shining black adornments of her dress are in fact part of the original design, adding a bit of boldness to the ensemble right from the start. Her hairstyle, too, has a bit of boldness: enough to dazzle us!

Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com

1 /10 The Spy With A Sense Of Fashion

And once again she demonstrated her flawless sense of taste for the Los Angeles premiere of The Spy Who Dumped Me, in 2018: a simple, strapless red dress, characteristic of the “women with an aura of danger” archetype in spy movies, with the gold jewelry tying together the whole outfit perfectly.

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