Pamela Anderson: actress, activist, writer and sex symbol. After starting as a Playboy girl (she has appeared on more Playboy covers than anyone else), and quickly rising to fame in her role as C. J. Parker in Baywatch, Anderson’s celebrity status has been set on stone.

She has appeared in films such as Barb Wire (1996), Borat (2006), Blonde and Blonder (2008) and Baywatch (2017), and has published two novels, in 2004 and 2005.

Pamela has also used her celebrity status to try to effect some change in the world, becoming one of the most prominent celebrities to endorse PETA and campaign for animal rights, a decision that took her even to the Kremlin to discuss animal rights with top Russian officials.

She has also campaigned in favor of those affected by AIDS, and in favor of different political causes along the years.

Here we’ll review some of the ten most stunning photos of this Canadian-born actress, who has tried to save the world and look good, and has managed to do a lot of both.

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10 /10 A Committed Woman

As early as 1999, Anderson was already committed to the cause of animal’s rights, which she demonstrated further when she attended PETA’s Party of the Century in Los Angeles, California.

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9 /10 Green Views

Her outfit choice for this time was a simple mint-green tube dress, paired with her classic voluminous hairstyle and some golden details, in the form of the rings so subtly placed in her left hand.

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8 /10 Early 2000’s Denim Fever

For the 2001 Teen Choice Awards, Pamela Anderson’s choice was one that she almost couldn’t have done at any other time: a full denim jacket and skirt ensemble paired with sparkling accessories, for a look that just screams 2001.

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7 /10 Shades Of Brown

A different choice was this interesting mix between a slip and a wrap dress, paired with a beige skirt and decorated with saffron details, for the 2002 Teen Choice Awards.

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6 /10 A Sparkling Beauty

“Sparkling!” was the word for Pamela at the American Music Awards of 2002, which she attended wearing a sparkling silver slip dress, matched with white nail polish and her signature golden hair.

She made that one for her film Barb Wire, only to have it removed for 2016. That’s true commitment!

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5 /10 Salmon Simplicity

A simpler, salmon shirt dress was what she wore a year later, at the opening of Stella McCartney’s first Los Angeles store. Notice the tattoo on her arm?

She made that one for her film Barb Wire, only to have it removed for 2016. That’s true commitment!

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4 /10 Pamela, In Black And Gold

For the 4th Annual Adopt-A-Minefield of 2004 (minefield awareness being one of the many causes she’s served during the years), she chose a simple black slip dress.

She then proceeded to make it something wonderful by adding a silver necklace, and herself.

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3 /10 Patterns Of Fashion

An equally breathtaking choice of dress was her outfit for the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards, which she attended with this interesting grey-patterned wrap dress, perfectly matched with some silver buttons for an extra sparkle.

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2 /10 Just Pamela

No frills, just substance: this was her for the premiere of Superhero Movie in 2008, to which she arrived wearing this simple white open-back dress, without any additional jewelry or element of fashion. It’s her: these weren’t necessary.

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1 /10 Speaker Of The House

In 2016, Anderson spoke at the French National Assembly to protest against the force-feeding of geese.

Her wonderful, both serious and interesting outfit choice also spoke volumes about her excellent sense of fashion.

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