Born to a family of mixed Spanish and Lebanese ancestry, in the city of Coatzacoalcos, Mexico, the first great hit of Salma Hayek was her protagonist role in the telenovela Teresa, which aired between 1989 and 1990.

This was followed by her 1994-apparition as a leading character in El callejón de los milagros (“The Alley of Miracles,” to this day the most awarded film in the history of Mexican cinema) which served to catapult her to Hollywood, where she began her career in 1995 with a role in the second film of Robert Rodriguez’ Mexico Trilogy, Desperado.

From these explosive beginnings in Mexican screens to her current status as one of the most recognizable faces of Hollywood, there’s no doubt that Salma Hayek has made it, big time.

And her sense of fashion certainly hasn’t been falling behind, either: here we present the ten most-stunning photos of Salma Hayek, displaying her best leading-lady looks for the camera.

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10 /10 Bolder And Bolder Colors

By 2015, for the premiere of Carol in the Cannes Film Festival, her outfit choice was again a fuchsia open dress (she’s quite a fan of these!), which she matched with a silver necklace.

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9 /10 Portrait Of A Lady With Her Shawl

Wearing a white and blue outfit with a matching blue-green handbag, and light-blue shawl, Salma Hayek arrives at the Los Angeles premiere of Speed 2: Cruise Control, in 1997.

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8 /10 Muted Colors For A Controversial Premiere

She definitely sported a darker, more discrete look, during the New York premiere of the controversial film Dogma in 1999.

Her black dress with blue details combined perfectly with her new straight and black hairstyle, and the very subtle blue eyeshadow makeup that she wore.

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7 /10 Beige Linen And Gold Sequins

Lighter tones were her choice again later that year, when she wore a beige, semi-transparent slip dress with golden details for the premiere of Double Jeopardy, which she matched with peach-colored tones for her makeup.

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6 /10 Dressed For Premiere Night

And finally, almost at the end of that year, Salma Hayek attended the Los Angeles premiere of Dogma with an open-back black dress, accompanied by a very elegant black shawl.

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5 /10 A Classic Ensemble

Even though it was the beginning of a new millennium, Salma wasn’t changing what has never failed in fashion: a black, open dress with a pearl necklace, which she wore for the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards in 2000.

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4 /10 A Candid Look For A Family Movie

Fast-forward a decade, and we got a simple outfit composed by a white dress, with a deep-red belt, that perfectly matches her lipstick.

For this, the premiere of Grown Ups in 2010, she also threw in a couple of golden hoop earrings, completing a flawless ensemble.

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3 /10 A Night Of Blue And White

A close-up draws attention to the interweaving lines of her dress around the area of the chest, whose varying tones of blue transition from the white of the rest of the dress to her light-blue shawl.

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2 /10 Black Is Never Out Of Fashion

And again, back to the basics: in 2017, for the 89th Annual Academy Awards, she sported a black semi-transparent slip dress, reminiscent of her looks of the late 1990s. This one she matched with silver jewelry, for a very elegant final look.

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1 /10 A Sparkling Outfit

Finally, a year later (for the 90th Academy Awards, of 2018), Salma wore a pink, sequin wrap dress, profusely adorned with what appears to have been diamonds.

To add a touch of depth, she matched this with a wine-colored lipstick. The result: fabulous!

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  1. I have a picture that’s more beautiful! Selma standing in fatigues with my oldest son I believe in Kosiva!