8 /10 Her First Rape

The engaged couple finally set Christmas Eve 1990 as the perfect time to carry out their wicked plan. Everybody would gather at the Homolka family home during the evening, giving them a chance to catch Tammy off-guard.

All would be drinking while watching movies, a routine Karla had known too well. She loaded Tammy’s drink with Halothane.

When everyone went upstairs for bedtime, the living room was empty except for Karla and Paul, along with Tammy, who was now unconscious.

Paul brought a video recorder and began filming Karla as she was sexually assaulting her little sister.


7 /10 Her First Murder

Once Karla was done, she switched positions with Paul. This time Karla was on the camera while Paul took his turn raping Tammy.

Most likely due to an anesthetic overdose, Tammy vomited, then soon she was no longer breathing. The teenager had a red burn on her face, possibly because it was covered by a cloth soaked in the anesthetic solution.

When Karla realized her sister was dead, she put the vomit-stained blanket into the washing machine and hid the drug.

The police were called, but they decided that the death was accidental, despite the apparent burn marks on Tammy’s face.


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