Having a good teacher is essential for a child’s education.

A child will learn anything, no matter how tedious the subject, if the teacher is committed and knows how to relate to their students.

The stories of the teachers on this list go way beyond that.

Some have come up with ingenious ways to motivate their students, while others are, well, only too hot to be teachers.

Yet, they love their chosen profession so much they stick with their job, although some do a bit of modeling on the side. Well, if it keeps students motivated, why not?


10 /10 Oksana Neveselaya

Math is one of the most challenging subjects ever, and you’d hardly expect a gorgeous young woman teaching that. Meet Oksana Neveselaya, a Math teacher from Minsk, Belarus.

Don’t be distracted by her epic breasts. Oksana has made it her mission to prove that you can be smart and sexy. Or very sexy, as far as she’s concerned.

She became famous worldwide after a pupil posted a video of her in class, and it went viral. At present, her Instagram account has over 700,000 followers.

And no, Oksana is not afraid to post hot pictures on her account since it doesn’t interfere with her job in any way.


9 /10 Lee Nayeong

South Korean teacher Lee Nayeong did take part in a national beauty contest a few years ago.

She eventually decided she’s better off as a teacher, a job she finds more rewarding even if she could earn more as a model.

She’s been named the hottest teacher in South Korea, and you’ll never guess where she teaches. An all-boys school in Seul. You can bet no student of hers ever misses a class.


8 /10 Andrew Ward

The kids at Turner High School in Kansas City adore Mr. Ward, their Spanish teacher. Not only he’s good at his job, but he’s found a way to be funny.

Kids do learn more when they’re in a happy mood, and Andrew Ward knows that. This is why every single day he walks into the classroom; he makes a show of it.

Much like Kramer, the beloved Seinfeld character, Ward always makes a spectacular entrance. He greets his students with his customary Buenos Dias but does it differently each time.

A high-pitched voice, a severe baritone tone, a whispered greeting. And he wears the craziest outfits. As you can guess, the kids have their eyes glued to the door waiting for Mr.Ward to show up.


7 /10 Brandy Young

Fort Worth teacher Brandy Young is quite a cutie, but it’s not this her students love her for. Young managed to make headlines worldwide with a letter to her students, informing them she won’t be giving out any homework.

Kids go to school to learn, but their free time should be all theirs, she said. They need to enjoy their childhood.

Instead, she urged parents to make the most of this time and spend as much time as possible with their kids.


6 /10 Jordyn Goddard

Jordyn Goddard has the body of a supermodel and the eyes of a movie star. Her spectacular assets helped her win Miss District of Columbia’s title, but beauty pageants are something she does in her spare time.

Her full-time job is that of an elementary school teacher, and she loves every minute of it.

Although it is a challenging job as the little ones keep her on her toes all day, she finds it extremely rewarding and inspiring.


5 /10 Brittni Darras

A teacher is not there only to pour information into the students’ brains. For Brittni Darras, a teacher also needs to offer her pupils moral support and help them develop to their full potential.

Darras was devastated after one of her pupils at Rampart High School in Colorado Springs took her own life. She decided to spring into action and be there for her students as a friend.

She wrote personal letters to all of her students, telling them why they are unique and encouraging them to follow their dream. And, of course, reach out when they need help.


4 /10 Patrice Brown

Atlanta-based Patrice Brown is an excellent teacher, and no one has ever accused her of not doing her job well. She does have a problem, though. She is too sexy to be a teacher.

No matter what she wears, even jeans with the most basic T-shirt, some parents will complain she is too hot.

And distracting. At least according to some of the parents. The students have no complaints, and nor does the school.


3 /10 Sonya Romero

Sonya Romero, a kindergarten teacher from Albuquerque, New Mexico, is a typical Latino beauty, but this is not why she made it on this list.

Sonya is also a beautiful human being who takes care of the kids in her charge as if they were her own.

Since her school is in a poor neighborhood, she makes a point of always asking the kids if they had breakfast and feed them when they haven’t.

Not only that. She has a closet full of spare jackets, socks, or pants so the children can change into something if they soil their clothes.

And when two of her students were left with no place to stay, she offered to be their foster parent until arrangements were made. One of a kind, this woman!


2 /10 Park Hyun Seo

Not many students can say their teacher is an Instagram celebrity. Park Hyun Seo is a teacher from the South Korean capital, Seul, and she has hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, where she regularly posts hot pics.

She’s had no problems so far with the school board as her students love her. Not because she’s so hot, but because she’s a beautiful person and quite a good teacher.


1 /10 Gemma Laird

Gemma Laird used to be a teacher, but not anymore. She worked as a teaching assistant at a school in England and did a bit of modeling in her spare time.

The troubles started when someone saw one of her photos and complained the underwear she had on was inappropriate.

That’s all it took to have her fired, although no one could complain she did not dress decent while at work. Now she’s a full-time model and earns way more money.

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