Teens are the worst. Every little thing they do is judged and exaggerated to an extreme degree. They’re not even adults yet but have the highest expectations placed on them by the adults to grow up fast and well throughout their high school lives.

At the same time, they are pitched into a social competition for acceptance that clashes with their pursuits of unique identity that they need to mature to become adults.

They’re not experienced enough to call dumb, but they know enough that they should be bright. 

Teens are known for extreme moods and extreme actions. One of the most powerful actions for anyone to take is murder, and when the murderer is a teenager, it becomes an act that’s an extreme of an extreme.

Aiden Fucci was one such teenage murderer who went through the kind of drama that was more in place in a horror movie than a bit of drama.

St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office

10 /10 May Flowers

In early May, Aiden Fucci, 14, met up with Tristyn Bailey, 13, his classmate from school. No one knew why but them.

They were together long after midnight and were seen together at around 1:45 in the morning, walking down Saddlestone Drive in their town of Jacksonville, Florida.

About two hours later, at 3:27, only one returned and held an extra pair of shoes. No one knew what happened until the following day when Tristyn was reported as missing.


9 /10 Immediate Turnaround

It didn’t take long for someone to stumble upon the body of Tristyn and report it to the police. When it was found on May 9th, she was dead and left in a sorry state.

It was a grim Mother’s Day for the Bailey family when they heard their daughter was killed.

The charge was murder, which was made evident by the state of her body and the evidence of a weapon. She was found near the cul-de-sac of Aiden’s home, not even half a mile away.

8 /10 In Excess

Tristyn was stabbed 114 times across her body with a buck knife.

Forty-nine of her wounds were defensive – meaning she tried using her arms and hands to stop it initially, but after enough effort, the blade made contact with her face and penetrated her skull where the lethal blow and all subsequent attacks were made.

The stabbing was so intense that part of the blade broke off in her head and was discarded in the pond nearby.

7 /10 Aiden's Arrest

One day later, authorities inspected Aiden Fucci’s home and found, among other things, DNA on a pair of clothes he owned that belonged to the victim.

He was held in a detention center until his first hearing. He was to be tried for first-degree murder – which denotes premeditation, an assumption made by the number of stabs he supposedly inflicted.


6 /10 Shifting Cover

Aiden was initially cooperative and allowed himself to be willingly transported, at which point he tried explaining things.

Nothing has been released to the public, aside from the fact that he made several “admissions” during interviews.

When asked by his mother about the shoes he was carrying in the video, he said his feet hurt, which conflicted with other takes on the same event. Because of that, authorities continued to detain him until his first court hearing.

5 /10 Not Taken Seriously

While searching for a motive of some kind that was at least consistent with Aiden’s stories, authorities interviewed some of his classmates.

They said Aiden had been talking in mixed tones about wanting to take someone – anyone – into the woods and kill them.

He even walked through the very same scenario that he was accused of committing. They didn’t take him seriously or report it to anyone because they just thought he was joking or being “edgy.”

It was a shock to everyone when they found out what happened.

4 /10 Not Young Enough

Once the case reached public ears, a massive push for a petition to have Aiden tried as an adult was circulated online.

It gained more than 700,000 signatures to remove him from the juvenile system, which would only be able to punish him until he was 21 and allow him to be fast-tracked for the death penalty.

They believed the gravity of the crime is extreme enough that he should be tried as one if he wants to kill like an adult.

While the death penalty is off-limits to minors regardless, the prosecutors and court have decided to retry the case with him as an adult.

Public Police Records

3 /10 Possible Past Connection

While Aiden seemed to have a clean rap sheet, being as young as he is with no prior psychological or violence problems, his father is a different story.

Jason Fucci was convicted of child abuse back in 2003. He was 18 and forced himself on a 15-year-old girl.

He’s also stolen, driven with aggression, served sentences and probations in and out of jail up to a battery charge in 2016 from a fight at a gas station.

No one knows what was going on in the Fucci house to Aiden directly, and his statements regarding it have not been released.

2 /10 Verdict Is Out

Despite the extraordinary evidence against him and the outcry for justice for his horrible actions, there still isn’t enough to charge him fully.

For one, the process of retrying a case from a minor to an adult despite the apparent age takes time to approve.

His actual court date won’t come for weeks, at the least, at which point the same evidence and defense will be used unless something new emerges from his mouth in the meantime.


1 /10 Judge, Jury, And Just A Moment

As this is such a brand new case that happened in May of 2021, there have been no substantial developments at the time of writing.

Aiden is being held in a detention center at a per-day payable rate for his protection and the possible protection of others.

Though the case is cut and dry, the existence of reasonable doubt and lack of motivation have stalled it for the time being.

It looks pretty likely Aiden may be among the youngest of the cruelest killers of this decade, but only time will tell.

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