There are more than 7 billion people all around the world, and everyone has their own stories to tell.

The vast majority can tell you complex life experiences filled with both joy and sorrow, yet unfortunately there are also some who have (or had) to endure years of discrimination, isolation, and struggles due to rare disorders causing physical deformities or rendering patients incapacitate.

Despite centuries of advancements in medical science, certain diseases still have no cure yet; they are largely considered mysteries that have bewildered even the most brilliant doctors.

In some cases, the best things doctors could possibly offer are treatments to relieve pain and other symptoms.

People in the following list were born with strange medical conditions, leading to a series of unfortunate circumstances throughout almost their entire lives.

It is also encouraging to know that some of them have found the determination and motivation to stay active and contribute to the society in any way they could in spite of all the limitations and challenges.

10 Ciera Swaringen

The 24 years old Ciera Swaringen was born with a condition called Giant Congenital Melanocytic Nevus, a rare skin affliction that affects 1 in 500,000.

She looks different that most other people because her skin is covered with hundreds of oversized birthmarks and moles.

In the case of Swaringen, birthmarks cover more than two-thirds of her entire body with the largest one stretching from navel to lower thighs.

Since the condition renders her especially vulnerable to malignant melanoma, she cannot be exposed to direct sunlight throughout life.

9 Zoubir Lahodi

A young Moroccan man named Zoubir Lahodi suffered from a severe venous malformation that caused the dilation of blood vessels in his face.

The condition ultimately led to the disfigurement of the face, more specifically on the lips and chin.

Lahodi was also vulnerable to various health issues for examples difficulty breathing and eating; even a minor accident could rupture the enlarged vessels and caused serious injuries.

He travelled to the United States to undergo seven surgical procedures on his face.

The malformation have been largely removed now.

8 Hunter Steinitz

Born October 17, 1994, Hunter Steinitz is one of twelve Americans with rare genetic condition known as Harlequin Ichthyosis.

Due to the condition, her skin is much thicker than normal and she has a lot of dry patches all over the body.

Steinitz is profiled on the National Geographic “Extraordinary Humans: Skin” special.

Her hair follicles are also blocked by skin, and she wears wig to cover her head. Steinitz is extremely vulnerable to dehydration and she can’t shut her eyes.

7 Alexandra Allen

When Alexandra Allen was just 12 years old she became aware of her aquagenic urticaria, a condition that causes a person (or at least the skin) develops allergic reactions to water.

The condition has been known to begin showing obvious symptoms when the person who suffers from it reaches puberty.

There are only about 50 known cases of aquagenic urticarial all around the world.

When droplets of water touch her skin, she would feel as if it is being sandpapered off. Allen can drink through straw.

6 Magali Gonzalez Sierra

Just like a lot of young girls anywhere, Magali Gonzalez Sierra is fond of music and make-up.

Unlike young girls her age, however, Sierra is trapped inside the body of a 90 years old woman.

She suffers from rare medical condition called Hutchinson-Gilford Preogeria Syndrome, which has caused her body to age at a rapid rate as soon as she reached 18 months of age.

Her life is filled with a constant battle against all sorts of painful symptoms such as joint dislocation, stroke, and heart disease.

5 Claire Hartley

Scott and Gwen Harley have shared so many stories with their daughters, Claire and Lola, who were both born with Microcephaly.

Claire’s and Lola’s heads were much smaller than other babies’ of the same age.

The sisters had special needs and extra care due to the condition, yet the family have always displayed positive outlook in life.

Claire Hartley died on December 17, 2018 at the age of 17. Her sister Lola died about ten months later on October 12, 2019 at the age of 13.

4 Georgia Green

A woman from Adelaide, Australia suffers from a rare sleep disorder known as Kleine-Levin syndrome (KLS).

Her name is Georgia Green; she had to drop out of school as a result of regular episodes.

It is not surprising because a single episode of the syndrome can send Green to sleep mode for 10 days long.

During such an episode she only wakes up to binge eat and go to the bathroom.

KLS affects one in a million people and it has no cure. There isn’t even any medication for treatment.

3 Marnie Harvey

Although Marnie Harvey has never been officially diagnosed with Haemolacria – a condition in which a person produces tears partially composed of blood – it does appear from reports that she does suffer from the condition.

The 21 years old girl has said that she often felt exhausted and light-headed; suffering from ache in bones and limbs was not unusual too.

She became aware of the condition for the first time in 2013 at the age of 14.

She initially coughed up blood, but then the condition has affected her eyes, nose, gums, ears, fingernails, tongue, and scalp since 2015.

2 Unidentified Pregnancy Fraud

A teenage girl from Wyandotte, Detroit who until today remains unidentified once faked her pregnancy using the help of a website called that sold ultrasound photos.

She claimed to carry triplets inside of her and even named the unborn babies: Ivan, Alice, and Isabella.

As the fraud went on, she received donations from family and friends in the amount of thousands of dollars.

By the time she was supposed to undergo a C-section, she claimed she had lost the babies.

1 Jenny Fry

Throughout her short life, Jenny Fry was always plagued by various symptoms related to a condition known as electro-hypersensitivity (EHS).

She often suffered from tiredness, bladder problems, and headaches anytime she was near a wireless router. In other words, she was allergic to Wi-Fi.

On June 11, 2015 at the age of 15, she was found dead near her home.

Her mother filed a lawsuit against the Chipping Norton School for failing to ensure the well-being of her daughter by not removing the school’s Wi-Fi.

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