The prom is something significant in any teenager’s life. So much thought goes into preparing, starting with the clothes and ending with, you know, the date.

Well, here are some lucky teens who won’t ever forget prom night since they got to walk in with a hot celebrity hanging on their arm.

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10 /10 Kylie Jenner

There’s no reason you should have heard of Alberto Ochoa; he’s just a normal young man from Sacramento. Or was until 2017 when he got an extraordinary stroke of luck. Prom night was fast approaching, and his date ditched him.

Hurt like hell, so his friends launched a social media campaign to find him another date, and Kylie Jenner happened to hear about it.

The thing is, Kylie was homeschooled and never got to experience such things, so she gladly accepted to be Alberto’s date for the night.

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9 /10 Drake

The young rapper did one of the sweetest things ever. In 2014, the kids at Carnegie Vanguard High School in Houston organized an early prom for their 15-year old classmate Kennedy Brown who had terminal brain cancer.

And they launched a social media campaign to convince her idol to come with her to the prom. As soon as he heard, Drake said yes and flew to Houston spending precious hours with the girl.

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8 /10 Tupac Shakur

The late rapper also granted a fan’s wish to accompany her to the prom. The girl was unfortunate as her boyfriend had just broken up with her, but when she wrote to Tupac Shakur, she meant it as a joke, as she could not even dream of such a thing.

Yet, the rapper not only agreed to be her date but also paid $1,500 for her dress and, of course, picked her up in a limo. Sadly, he was killed a few months later.

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7 /10 Kellan Lutz

Twilight hunk Kellan Lutz had plenty of female fans, all of whom dreamed of meeting him in person and hanging out with him.

Brianna Siciliano did not dare to ask anything of him, but in 2015, she did write to him to tell him of her struggles as she was bullied in school.

When he heard the story, Kellan Lutz decided to step in and help the girl. When he showed up at the Prom at Monroe Township High School in New Jersey, all the kids who regularly bullied the girl were merely stunned.

They couldn’t understand how it was even possible that such a big star would go on the dance floor with the girl they’ve been mocking for years. Well done, Kellan!

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6 /10 Mila Kunis

Sgt. Scott Moore will never forget his prom night in 2011. He dared to dream big and posted a YouTube proposal asking the beautiful Mila Kunis to be his date for the night.

It was more of a joke as he didn’t hope she’ll even watch the video. But she did, and she came!

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5 /10 Demi Lovato

Back in 2010, Demi Lovato was already a big star, and she was dating Joe Jonas. Still, she went to a prom dance with a regular kid no one had ever heard of.

It turned out that she and Nolan had been kindergarten sweethearts, and she’d promised him she’d go to the prom with him.

The boy was so happy, the next day, he tweeted, ‘Prom was incredible. Everything about last night was amazing!’

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4 /10 Khloe Kardashian

You have to respect your fans because your whole fortune is based on them – a lesson all in the Kardashian clan seems to know well.

Khloe Kardashian decided to grant a teenage boy’s wish and accompany him to the prom, and she had good reason to do so.

The young fellow called Narbeh ran a huge fan account for her with over 240,000 followers. Nothing to sneeze at, even for a Kardashian. Plus, she’d never been to a prom before, so it was a memorable night for her as well.

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3 /10 Rihanna

It wasn’t strictly out of kindness, but it was still great for the lucky boy who got to the prom with none other than Rihanna.

It was all part of MTV’s show Once Upon a Prom, but for the boy, Richard, it was the most beautiful night of his life.

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2 /10 Shaun White

Olympic snowboarder Shaun White fulfilled a young girl’s most ardent wish by going with her to prom night. In 2014, Carly Monzo created a video to invite him to the Prom at Mount Saint Joseph Academy in Flourtown, Pa.

He did not answer any of her online messages but surprised her big time by showing up with his band, Bad Things, and singing to the crowd of excited teenagers.

And, of course, danced with Carly, who was ecstatic. “Still in shock. Cloud 9 was like decades ago…. I’m on cloud 47 right now“, she posted on Twitter.

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1 /10 Taylor Swift

The singer is another one of the celebrities who took part in MTV’ Once Upon a Prom. Back in 2008, she went to the prom dance at Hillcrest High School in Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Of the dozens of boys who wrote to her, she selected Whit Wright to be her date because she thought he was sweet and down to earth. “It was one of the best nights of my life,” Swift said. Wonder what Whit had to say…

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