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7 /10 Dared To Act

When crossing the border, a few things are needed. One is the legal right of passage, commonly from a passport or border card, which allows selection and tenancy for a limited time.

Velazquez had a border card, and he had a reason to stay temporarily: he was visiting an uncle. Or so he claimed. The reality was that he was bringing drugs over.

Once caught, he was detained, and the border agents demanded to know what was in the bottles. They asked him to prove it was a juice by drinking it.


6 /10 Overdosed

The cause of Velazquez’s death was heart failure due to an overdose of drugs. The reason it happened was revealed to be pressure.

The border agents had every reasonable right to believe that he was handling drugs but could not act legally without a confession or further testing.

When they asked him to drink the liquid, they expected him to confess or refuse, which would have led them to make further investigations.

Instead, Velazquez drank. He drank a small amount, only a few ounces, but it was lethal nonetheless.


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