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8 /10 Lack Of CCTV Footage

The lack of CCTV images or footage following the Mercedes’ journey from the hotel to the crash site has commonly been evidence of an organized conspiracy.

The Independent newspaper in 2006 found there were more than 14 CCTV cameras in the underpass where the fatal collision occurred, but none recorded footage.

Most cameras were pointed towards entrances to buildings along the route, and those for the Paris Urban Traffic Unit had no night duty staff, so no recordings were made.

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7 /10 Circumstances Surrounding The Crash

While the media claimed the crash was from the paparazzi following the car, there were several other causes instead.

In 1999, a French investigation found that Paul lost control of the vehicle at high speed while also being drunk and under the influence of prescription drugs and was found to be the cause of the crash.

Henri was the head of security at the Hotel Ritz. In 2008, the British Inquest jury found him responsible for unlawful killing through grossly negligent driving by him and the following paparazzi.


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