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8 /10 Bad Blood

LAPD’s Lieutenant Bob Martin said Marvin was at his father’s house around 12.30 p.m. on April 1.

Martin, it was not immediately clear what had started the idea, but there were some indications that there had been bad blood between them recently.

According to Lieut, the two then engaged in a heated verbal argument, which soon escalated into a physical altercation; they were pushing and shoving each other.

The physical altercation led to the father holding a gun and firing two shots at his son.

7 /10 Some Kind Of Assault

Before the tragedy, the LAPD had received a report alleging “some kind of assault” in the house. Details were scarce, but the assault most certainly involved Marvin and his father.

Some neighbors said the argument on the day of the killing mentioned something about a birthday party.

Marvin would have turned 45 on April 2, 1984. At some point during the argument, the mother tried to break up the fight to no avail. Instead, the father grabbed a gun that his son had given him as a present just a few months earlier.


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