8 Shanann Still Loved Him

A few weeks before the events, his wife had sent him love letters and messages detailing how she was disposed to fight for their relationship and tell him that she loved him.

This, of course, wasn’t sufficient to move the heart of a psychopath who would, among other things, force abortion of his child.

She told him: “I am still in shock that we are having a little boy! I am so excited and happy!” Back then, Chris said to her that he was “scared to death” and “didn’t want another child.”


7 He Killed Them One By One

Connected to the psychopath tendencies that he showed by not committing suicide (usually an expression of remorse), Watts even committed the murders one by one, and not in a fit of rage: after strangling his wife to death, he put her body in his work truck, along with the children, who were still alive. There he smothered both with a blanket, one after the other.


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