8 /10 Lonely Voyage

Further investigation into his identity brought some heartbreaking revelations. Bajorat and his wife, Claudia, began an adventurous life together about 20 years earlier; the couple sailed across the globe.

The marriage had its turbulent times and eventually ended in 2008. Claudia died from cancer two years after the divorce was finalized.

At the time of her death, she was on the island of Martinique, a France-territory in the eastern Caribbean Sea. After the divorce and the end of his ex-wife, Bajorat resumed the voyage alone, sailing between the Pacific and Europe.


7 /10 Naked Corpse

When discovered, the corpse had no clothes. The cabin of the $200,000 yacht was full of photo albums, tins of food, and clothing.

It remains unclear whether the mast had broken before the captain’s death. Authorities identified and located one of his family members in Germany.

According to Chief Inspector Dominador Plaza, Bajorat had a daughter named Nina in Germany. At the time of the confirmation, the embassy took a flight to the port to identify the body.


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