Sam Elliot and Katharine Rose have been married since 1984. The couple first worked together in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, although they never had a direct encounter on set.

Katharine had a more significant role in the 1969 film, portraying Etta Place, the companion of the title character.

On the other hand, Sam played a minor character, “Card Player No. 2.”

Things between them turned romantic in 1978 when they were once again working together in The Legacy, in which they played as a couple.

A daughter was born from that marriage, the somewhat mysterious and ill-tempered Cleo Rose Elliot, on September 17, 1984, in Malibu, California. 

She grew up in the city and attended the Collin McEwan High School, where she learned to play guitar and flute.

For several years, Cleo also studied at a Santa Monica acting studio.

She was trained in Italian opera, although Cleo once said she preferred hard rock from Nine Inch Nails and Jimi Hendrix.

Not much is known about her personal life, except that she once tried to kill her mother.


10 /10 No More Lies

Cleo Rose Elliot herself is a celebrity, but to a smaller extent than her parents. For her first album, “No More Lies,” released in 2008, she wrote every single song in it but one.

While Cleo doesn’t like opera, she thinks classical tunes offer an effective way to prepare the vocal cords for rock music.

Her modeling began in 2003, with notable appearances in the Malibu Times Magazine. She also is a member of the ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers).

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9 /10 Outburst Episode

Despite being a celebrity and the daughter of a Hollywood couple, Cleo has been able to keep her private life out of the limelight.

However, an episode of outburst where she tried to kill her mother in 2011 brought her name back from the safety and confines of closed doors into news media.

Katharine subsequently filed a restraining order against Cleo, requiring the daughter to stay within a safe distance of 100 yards from the mother’s workplace, home, and car.

8 /10 Abusive Child

The outburst resulted in multiple stab wounds in Katharine’s right arm. According to the mother, Cleo was indeed an abusive childhood and became violent when she reached 12 or 13 years of age.

During the incident, Cleo chased her mother in their Malibu home to kill her. Katharine managed to survive the attack but not without injuries. When she reached the phone and tried to call the police, Cleo cut the line using a pair of scissors.


7 /10 History Of Mental Illness

There is no denying that Sam and Katharine provided as much support as possible for their only daughter since birth.

That said, it was believed that Cleo was at times in a poor relationship with her mother. As Cleo grew more violent during her early teenage years, their bond cracked even further.

The conflict escalated in 2011; Cleo was 27-year-old back then. The reasons behind such outbursts remain obscured, but it appeared that she had a mental illness.

6 /10 Aiming For The Eyes

On March 2, 2011, Cleo suddenly was mad and chased her mother into the house for no apparent reason. She lost her temper and began destroying the furniture in her path.

Cleo threatened to kill Katharine and poke her eyes out. Before it turned from bad to heinous, Katharine was able to grab a phone.

As she was trying to call the authorities about the situation, Cleo disabled the line and stabbed her mother in the right arm. For a few days after the incident, the scars were still noticeable.

5 /10 Allegedly Intoxicated

When words spread about the incident, people quickly speculated that Cleo was under the influence of alcohol or drugs that day.

The intoxication led her to irrational behavior; she didn’t know what she was doing. Another speculation arose, claiming she had already developed a bitter hatred toward the mother for quite a while before the stabbing.

While the exact culprit is unknown, it did not seem to hate that intense came up in any short period.

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4 /10 Emotionally And Verbally Abusive

Katharine eventually obtained the restraining order. She was 71-years-old when the stabbing occurred; the perpetrator was her daughter, aged 27.

According to court documents, Katharine complained that she had always been a victim of emotional and verbal abuse by Cleo.

Signs of the violent behavior first appeared when Cleo was still a little girl, but the outrage grew more intense in early 2011. The anger, or whatever problems Cleo had with her mother, manifested in the physical assault on March 2.

3 /10 I Want To Kill You

Even after obtaining the restraining order, Katharine didn’t say much about her daughter’s outrage. It was revealed later that Cleo was not intoxicated or under the influence of any controlled substances.

In the court documents, Cleo was described as in a state of anger. She told her mother, “I want to kill you,” and chased her all over the house.

Cleo kicked the cupboard in the kitchen and followed Katharine everywhere. Cleo also threatened to poke her mother in the eye with scissors.

2 /10 Police Escort

Katharine filed the restraining order on March 8. Her spokesperson wasn’t aware of the documents and refused to comment about them.

A hearing was then scheduled for March 30 in Santa Monica. Since the protective order required Cleo to keep her distance from home, a police escort was obligatory if she needed to visit or take her belongings.

Cleo also was instructed not to communicate with Katharine in any manner. Otherwise, she could be arrested for the violation.


1 /10 Reconciliation

There was no indication that Cleo and Katharine dealt with any other assault following the incident. Based on past interviews and public appearances, the relationship improved a great deal.

In an interview during the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, Cleo had nothing but good things to say about her parents and was very proud of them.

There has been no other violent rage or publicly known conflict between the mother and daughter since 2011.

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