8 /10 Proper Burial

Ejnar Mikkelsen did not discover the map. Johan Peter Koch, the second-in-command of the Denmark Expedition, found the sketch in Lamberts Land in 1908. He took the records and made yet another difficult journey home.

However, Ejnar Mikkelsen came across Brønlund in his expedition a year later. Ejnar and his crew gave Brønlund a proper burial.

The bodies of Niels Peter Høeg Hagen and Ludvig Mylius-Erichsen were never discovered. A possible explanation was that their remains drifted to sea as the ice thawed.

7 /10 Frostbite

In the film’s opening scene, Captain Mikkelsen is seen arriving on his ship and carrying First Lieutenant Christian A. Jørgensen. This event happened in real life; the lieutenant could not walk because of frostbite.

In his book Against the Ice, the captain explained he found Jorgensen in the tent severely frostbitten; his toes were swollen as if they belonged to a human corpse.

Jørgensen said the frostbite must have been from a walk through a fissure earlier in the day. The captain amputated five of Jørgensen’s toes.


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