8 /10 A Man, A Plan, A Paddle

Antonio was to travel from San Francisco’s bay starting in June of 2019 with the destination of Oahu, one of the smaller Hawaiian islands.

The journey was approximately 2,900 miles, and he was going the whole thing alone. It was just him and his boat. But not just any ordinary ship.

As many travelers had done before him, he prepared an exceptional ship at his expense. Since his journey took place over his 50th birthday, it could be considered a present to himself.

7 /10 Ocean Defender

Antonio is an environmentalist. Many of his more extraordinary exploits, aside from the raw challenge and simple push to succeed against the elements, are done to betterment those very elements.

This is why his boat was named the Ocean Defender and sorted the unmistakable slogan on the back panel: “SAVE the Ocean.

NO plastics, NO nets, RECYCLE.” He also had several companies advertising him to pay for the $100,000 piece of equipment.


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