Tales of revenge are the stuff of great movies, but revenge is just as typical of a motivator in real life for all kinds of dangerous deeds.

Revenge is one of the most common motivators for escalating crime, and losing a fight can lead someone to pick another, far more brutal war.

It happens everywhere because people can be wronged and seek self-serving justice anywhere.

Sometimes they may go too far, but those who hear the story of what motivated them may think they haven’t gone far enough. 

John Eisenman was motivated by revenge for his daughter.

It’s a modern-day thriller, seemingly inspired by Liam Neeson, of a father’s love and care overpowering his sense of moral rightness leading to the murder of her boyfriend.

How his story will end is still up in the air. As of now, the verdict is still out on whether murder will be justified.

Some claim his revenge went too far, was poorly aimed, and that he got the wrong man.

Others claim his action was just in and of itself, by what motivated him in the first place. What price will he pay for his daughter’s safety?

The Sun

10 /10 John Eisenman

John Eisenman’s Daughter, Ashley Kross, was allegedly sold off to a sex-trafficking ring in the Washington state by her then-boyfriend, Andrew Sorensen.

When John stopped receiving contact from her following some time with Sorensen, he became suspicious and started searching.

He later found out, along with his fiance Brenda Kross, where to find her and drove to Seattle to retrieve her.

They were successful, which should have been the end of things, but John went one step further.

Sorenson Family

9 /10 Andrew Sorensen

Andrew was the boyfriend of Eisenman’s daughter at the time.

He was 19, and she was still underage.

However, it seemed like the two had an acknowledged relationship with their parents.

He was a foster child adopted by his then parents and was disabled mentally and physically with cerebral palsy and autism.

The details of the relationship are relatively unknown, as much of the lives have remained private in official reports in light of the sex trafficking allegations, which require the protection of the victim’s identity.

8 /10 Eisenman's Daughter

A few things are known about the daughter.

Now an adult, she was underage when the event happened. She is the biological daughter of Brenda Kross and Eisenman’s stepdaughter.

She has a short history of mental distress, according to her mother.

In addition to the PTSD of the sex-trafficking incident, she was also homeless in Arizona before they moved to Spokane to be with Eisenman.

When admitted to a hospital after being recovered, she was severely distressed and verbally threatened to kill Sorensen and Eisenman.

7 /10 The Quick Kill

Eisenman, seeing his daughter in such a state, decided to act.

In November of 2020, he borrowed his fiance’s car and drove out to meet Sorensen, presumably to have words, get his side of the story, or was already set on what his course of action would be.

The result: Andrew Sorensen was found, months later, in the trunk of the car where he’d been bound and gagged, hit with a cinderblock, and stabbed multiple times.

The body was discovered nearly a year later.

6 /10 Brief Cover

While Eisenman did admit to doing this after being questioned, he attempted to run some cover for himself initially.

Reports were first made after the body was discovered by an anonymous individual who found the car, which was “covered with mold,” on their property.

A potential neighbor or acquaintance of Eisenman gave a tip to police that the man admitted to finding and killing Sorensen and hiding the body in the car.

When asked, he said his fiance’s car was stolen a year ago. When questioned further, he admitted to his crime.

Spokane County

5 /10 Pushback

John Eisenman was arrested and charged with first-degree murder, a planned and deliberate act.

The Sorensen family has gone on record to deny any such claims of sex trafficking or their adopted son’s capacity to commit such deeds given his disabilities.

The narrative of a father acting in defense of his daughter robbed them of the presence to speak out against him for a time.

However, the authorities and even the FBI have not found any links to Sorensen and any sex trafficking which occurred in the Seattle region.

4 /10 Public Image

John Eisenman is being held on $1 million bails, basically an indefinite hold for someone of his class.

Brenda and Ashley have attempted to fundraise for his legal fees to reduce the charges.

While he has admitted to the murder, his sentence could be reduced with enough public support.

However, the Sorensen family has also fought back and raised concerns that his crime may have been improperly motivated.


3 /10 History

Neither the victim nor perpetrator of the murder had any significant criminal history. Andrew Sorensen was a child in foster care, which may have lent some credence to potential illegal activity.

Still, he was otherwise considered a decent, quiet young man is working with his disabilities.

John Eisenman had no arrests, charges, or incidents until his murder, and shortly after, he was found driving a car registered as stolen just a month after the murder occurred.

He claimed his friend loaned him the car two weeks ago while his vehicle was being fixed.

2 /10 Ongoing Investigation

Details are still emerging as stories fall into place. Eisenman’s story has stayed the same, but corroboration has been sparse.

A sexual assault kit was sent out but not performed on Ashley when she was recovered, so no proof of actual sex trafficking violence could be collected.

While the FBI cannot speak in all regards to their investigations, they were able to deny that Sorensen had any ties to sex trafficking in the area.

No proof of any payment was ever made, and Ashley’s mental state has brought her recollection of events into question.


1 /10 Emotionally Charged

Despite the legal dilemma of the case, Eisenman has seen tremendous support from a unified front of thoughtful people.

A TikTok post gained 5 million views supporting the fundraiser for Eisenman.

Many people have seen him as a hero, a father doing the unthinkable to protect his daughter.

But the Sorensens and police continue to disagree, swaying potential confidence that the man did anything right.

Trials have yet to be scheduled as the case continues to develop. But what’s done is done.

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