Increased public awareness of non-fungible tokens (NFT) has created a burst of the new digital market for nearly every imaginable asset.

At the moment, all the hype about the latest market and NFT has mainly revolved around digital arts like drawing, photographs, video clips, and music, among others.

Anybody can buy and sell NFTs attached to what is a digital file. Since every NFT (unlike crypto-currency) is unique to each other in terms of both identity and value, no one else can claim ownership of the file you purchase and the NFT attached to that.

When the NFT goes up in value, you can resell it for a profit. For Stephanie Matto, former star of TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé, NFT is one way to keep her business running because selling the physical asset is no longer healthy.

The physical asset in question is quite literally her flatulence stored in jars. After selling a few hundred thousand dollars worth of farts, Stephanie was diagnosed with severe gas pain, and she has now sold the digitized version known simply as Fart Jars.


10 /10 An Experiment Gone Profitable

Stephanie started selling her flatulence as an experiment when she had just started her adult subscription platform, similar to OnlyFans.

When her subscribers began asking if she would like to offer them her farts, she initially thought it was nothing but a joke.

Since the demand seemed persistent enough, she decided to produce the supply by storing the gas in glass jars, and it turned out to be an actual demand from serious buyers. She sold the first batch of 97 jars for $500 each.


9 /10 Appealing Product

One customer, who asks to be referred to as “John,” says that the product appeals to him. John, who claims to be a financier, has spent $1000 on two jars of Stephanie’s fart.

He has quite a lot of fetishes, and one of them is the smell of a woman. He does not specify what kind of smell – he likes all of the scents.

As for the two jars now in his possession, John says they help him acquire some sense of closeness to Stephanie.


8 /10 Severe Gas Pain

Many devoted fans flooded into her profile, asking to buy more jars of flatulence during a holiday season this year.

Stephanie decided to refuel her metabolism with several bowls of black bean soup and large servings of a protein shake to keep the production line running.

Not long after, she started to feel a sharp pain in her heart and chest, and she was diagnosed with severe gas pain. Doctors advised Stephanie to cut down on her wind-breaking routine.

In the beginning, it seemed like easy money, but as it turned out, excessive production took a toll on her body.

7 /10 NFT

That said, it doesn’t mean the business has to stop, thanks to non-fungible tokens or NFT. She has proven that flatulence is a marketable commodity.

There is a small market, but the buyers are willing to pay high dollars for the assets. The problem is that forcing the body to generate a high volume of flatulence is not a sustainable production method.

Now she doesn’t sell fart in the literal meaning of the word, but digital “fart arts” as NFTs. A jar is priced at 0.05 Ethereum or around US$ 150 of today’s money.


6 /10 Artworks Based-On Bottled Farts

The idea came to mind when a digital artist reached out to her, offering to draw a collection of unique artworks based on her products, flatulence stored in glass jars.

Of course, much like any other digital arts, you can see them on screen and probably print them, but you cannot smell them.

It is the opposite and even more so with Stephanie’s product in the proper form. Flatulence is invisible to the naked eye, yet the gas produces a strong odor. Whether or not the product still appeals to people like John remains to be seen.


5 /10 Redeemable Gifts

Every digital jar is custom-made with personalized animation on it. Some of them come with unlockable traits and redeemable gifts, for example, signed lingerie and the now-rare Stephanie’s actual fart jars.

The move to NFT-based commodities puts her in a place where she can study crypto-currency and the concept of NFT more seriously.

She claims that the more she learns about the currency, the more confident she becomes in her renewed business model. There will be no more bulk shipment of her flatulence, just digital arts inspired by the smell of it.


4 /10 Hilarious Publicity

Stephanie Matto carved her way to popularity with her stint on “90 Day Fiancé” on TLC. The Connecticut resident gained wider recognition with her YouTube channel and an X-rated subscription platform.

She didn’t think much about making real money from bottling her flatulence and then offering them to her fans.

It was supposed to be nothing but a hilarious publicity stunt, but some sources suggest she has made around $200,000 from just two batches of such product—the jars from the second batch sold for $1,000 each.

3 /10 Mixed Responses

Everything anybody does on the Internet these days invites mixed responses. Selling your farts and making a few hundred thousand dollars inevitably calls for negativity.

But it works for Stephanie, and the business doesn’t put her customers in a harmful situation. She doesn’t force people to buy it, so there isn’t much of an issue.

However, Stephanie claimed to have received death threats messages from people telling her to end her life.

She never responded to the negativity and just went on with her business. Quite a lot of people support her decision, too.

2 /10 Another Quick Hundred Thousand

Before the diagnosis came, Stephanie put herself to a 50-jars-a-week plan to ensure there was enough supply for all the customers.

Her body couldn’t keep up with the program, but NFT is here to help her keep the business running. Her collection of fart-based artworks remains in high demand.

Within the first two weeks since the launch, she sold more than $130,000 worth of NFTs.

As far as entrepreneurship is concerned, Stephanie Matto is doing a great business. She also has an online business class now, which is a redeemable gift in her fart jar NFT.

1 /10 Fart-Scented Candles

At the same time, Stephanie understands that some buyers who like the smell of her flatulence might be disappointed.

Now, the real thing becomes a rarity, so she offered an alternative product. Via an Instagram post, she has revealed the launch of a Fart Jar-inspired candle.

In a TikTok video, she told her fans that the candle contains “100% natural scent” and is available for around $100 apiece. The candles are available for purchase in an online store that sells her used socks, bras, and panties.

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