According to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC), state care has lost track of children under its guardianship in an increasingly alarming number over the years.

Most of these children were not reported missing until the enactment of federal legislation in 2014, which requires state agencies to report a lost or abducted child under their care within 24 hours of receiving the information.

In 2017, the center received more than 18,000 reports – a massive jump from 7,900 reports filed two years earlier.

Among those whose whereabouts have been unknown for a decade or longer, only about 150 have been found. Brittany Williams has been missing for 21 years.

Brittany Williams was born with AIDS. She went missing in 2000 from the now-defunct charity home called Rainbow Kids, Inc. in Richmond, VA.

When reports of her disappearance came through, authorities were worried she would end up dead because she neither had access to treatment nor medication for her condition.

More than two decades later, Kaylynn Stevenson makes headlines by claiming Brittany Williams with undeniable evidence: a certified DNA test taken at Labcorp.


10 /10 Presumed Dead

Kaylynn Stevenson of Fort Wayne, Indiana, has claimed that she has been all along with Brittany Renee Williams, the 7-year-old girl who disappeared in 2000 from an independent foster home in Henrico County, Virginia.

Brittany was being treated for AIDS when she went missing. Since her disappearance, her Medicaid insurance and Social Security Number have not been used to get the treatment and medication to sustain her life.

Following the unsuccessful search, authorities had no choice but to assume she was dead. In early October, Stevenson came forward with proof that she was the missing girl.


9 /10 Uncanny Resemblance

The 28-year-old woman from Indiana does appear to have an uncanny resemblance to photos of Brittany on missing child posters, including the pronounced cheekbones, smile, and other delicate features.

Although she doesn’t remember everything about her childhood, she recalls having a tube inserted into her and the scar to prove it.

Stevenson’s adoptive parents gave no information about her biological mother and father, but they once had her tested for AIDS, and it came back negative.

She has not been able to obtain her adoption document. Her birth certificate, however, doesn’t exactly match with Brittany’s.

8 /10 A Williams

Stevenson spent a lot of time going back and forth between Richmond, Virginia, and Columbus, Ohio, searching for her family history, but she has not found much.

One of the only good memories she has about her childhood was her surname, which is Williams.

The realization came when she searched the web for “missing children” and put the surname into the query.

When images of Brittany came up on the page, she was struck by a revelation. That said, most information she now knows about the missing girl was from reports and information about Brittany’s disappearance.


7 /10 Mole On The Neck

Stevenson’s wife, Ladajah Kelly, told the press about the resemblance between her partner and Brittany.

According to Kelly, the chin and the smile, as well as the hairline to the ears, are pretty much the same between the two of them.

Other similarities include a mole on the neck and scars in the chest and stomach.

After some thought, Kelly knows that her partner is the adult Brittany. Another thing Stevenson faintly remembers was her room in Rainbow Kids. She said it was pastel-pink and that there was a little boy in a wheelchair.

The Charley Project

6 /10 Ohio Kid

The authorities assumed she ran away from the charity home in 2000. Kim E. Parker, who ran the charity at Brittany’s disappearance, told the police that the girl had gone to meet and live with a couple in California.

Police confirmed that it was not valid. Stevenson claimed to have lived most of her life in Ohio with her adoptive parents. Only recently that she start to dig into her biological family in Richmond.

The foster home where Brittany lived, Rainbow Kids, used to house more than 50 children before Parker was sentenced for fraud.

5 /10 Biological Mother

Rose Marie Thompson was diagnosed with AIDS three months before giving birth to Brittany Williams.

She was often left in foster care for much of little Brittany’s early years, probably because of her mother’s chaotic lifestyle.

Shortly before she died in 1996, Rose Thompson gave Brittany to Kim Parker at Rainbow Kids. Since then, Parker practically became Brittany’s guardian.

It would seem like a good decision at that time because Rainbow Kids was an independent charity known to provide care for children with disabilities or other severe medical conditions, including AIDS.

4 /10 Half-Sister Found

In addition to having her DNA tested for comparison with Brittany’s, Stevenson also had the same test done to compare it with that of Anastasia McElroy, the first daughter of Rose Thompson.

The test result shows they have a 95.83% chance of being half-sisters. There are two significant discrepancies here.

First, the birth certificate of the two do not match, but this could be the consequence of closed adoption.

Second, Brittany was diagnosed with AIDS, an incurable condition. Either Brittany had been given a false analysis, or Stevenson is a different person.

3 /10 Abandoned Child

One of the last persons to see Brittany alive shortly before she went missing was a doctor she visited in August 2000.

At around the same time, Parker claimed to have asked Brittany’s half-sister (it is not immediately clear if Parker referred to McElroy) to take the child.

She refused because she was unable to handle Brittany’s medical needs.

Parker then decided to give Brittany away to two friends, Linda Hodges and Kathie Evans. Parker declined to provide their contact information to the girl’s half-sister.

2 /10 False Story

About three years later, police track down the two women, whom, according to Parker, had been with Brittany.

As it turned out, they were both volunteers at Rainbow Kids and, in fact, planning to meet the girl in California. The plan didn’t happen, and they never actually met with Brittany in the city.

Neither of them knew her whereabouts. In May 2003, police executed a search warrant in Parker’s home, but they found no evidence of Brittany’s remains.

One neighbor claimed to have seen Parker neglecting/abusing Brittany at least twice. Hodges also reported Parker.


1 /10 Still Missing

The latter is still officially missing until the authorities are convinced that Kaylynn Stevenson and Brittany Williams are the same people. The case remains open and unsolved.

Court documents show that Parker was indicted on 73 counts of fraud. Such offenses usually did not come with a hefty sentence, but the judge considered the harm she had done to Brittany and gave her 10-year imprisonment.

According to a spokesperson for the Henrico Police, Lt. Matthew Pecka, the investigation is ongoing, and that local authorities are working with federal investigators to find any new leads.Β 

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