8 /10 Newly Constructed Pond

According to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, William Moldt did go to a nightclub in November 1997.

Also, he did not appear intoxicated when he left before midnight. Some accounts suggested that Moldt had several drinks, but he was not mainly a frequent drinker.

Moldt called his girlfriend from the club to tell her that he would be home soon; he never arrived. 

Most parts of the neighborhood – where Moldt’s remains were found – had not been constructed yet. The pond was already there, however. Barry Fay had never noticed anything that resembled a vehicle from the shoreline.

7 /10 Undetermined Cause

William Moldt was presumed to have lost control of his vehicle on the way home and driven it into the pond.

If it was true, he had not been intoxicated, something else that must have made him go off-road.

During the initial investigation of his disappearance, there was no indication of him driving into the pond. Back then, it made little sense to even think of that ever occurring.

He was missing off the face of the Earth, and now he has been found. A shift in pond water made his car visible.


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