8 His Eyeballs Weren’t Left Out

As if tattooing his entire body wasn’t enough, Anthony went a step further. Two steps further. 

Now, imagine a needle-moving ever so slowly towards your eyes, just hovering there, ready to plunge in. You shivered, didn’t you? Anthony didn’t.

Unsatisfied with just having his body painted black, he decided to have another dangerous procedure—a sclera tattoo. 

Sclera tattoos mean injecting ink into the white part of the eye, just below the conjunctiva. There’s a lot of risk to this modification, and you can go blind if things go south. But, Loffredo went on to dye his whites a midnight black.


7 He Cut Off His Ears

And when you thought he couldn’t be more bizarre, Loffredo tops it with another daring feat. To look like his alien inspirations – or what the TV told us they look like – Anthony Loffredo also surgically removed his ears.

Yes, all that outer skin that makes an ear look like an ear is gone.  Now, not only does he look like an alien, but he also has a sort of reptilian thing going for him. Do you think his modifications stop there? Think again.


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