8 The Freeway Phantom

During the early 1970s, in a series of cases primarily believed to be the first serial killings in the Washington D.C. area, six black girls were murdered by someone named The Freeway Phantom.

The killer’s fifth victim, Brenda Denise Woodard, who had been stabbed multiple times and strangled, was discovered in an area near Prince George’s County Hospital.

Inside her pocket, the authorities found a note believed to be dictated by the killer and, written by Woodard, signed “Freeway Phantom.” The killer was never identified and captured.

7 Zodiac Killer

No stories of serial killers in the United States will be complete without mentioning the Zodiac Killer, who remains unidentified until today.

The serial killer claimed to have killed 37 people, but the authorities only confirmed five of those.

He was active throughout the 1960s – 1970s in Northern California and seemingly eager to taunt the authorities by sending a letter and cryptic codes to several newspapers. Police are using DNA traces in the hope of solving long-cold cases and finding the Zodiac Killer.


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