They’re on top of the world, they are adored by fans and mobbed by paparazzi, but many celebrities did not have it easy when they were kids.

To hear them talk about their school experiences, it’s hard to believe there was a time when some of the most successful and beautiful people in the world were bullied, laughed at, or spat on.

And, yet, some have pretty horrific stories to tell about their teenage years.

Let’s have a look at the rough childhood of some of your favorite celebrities.

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10 /10 Jennifer Lawrence

The odds were not in her favor when she was a kid. The Hunger Games star had a tough time in elementary school, as her classmates, especially the girls, were often mean to her.

This is why she had to change schools several times. When Jennifer Lawrence went to middle school, things got a little better, although she still remembers an incident when a girl asked her to help her distribute invitations for her birthday party… a party, the actress, was not invited to! How mean is that?

Well, it must be said, Lawrence stood up for herself and answered in kind to some of the more vicious bullies.

I just hocked a loogie on them and threw them in the trash can,” she recalls. When you survive middle school, the Hunger Games are a piece of cake.

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9 /10 Jessica Alba

The Dark Angel star spent most of her childhood as the odd one out, being picked continuously by the other children in school.

Jessica Alba had no friends, and she ate her lunch in the nurse’s office, where she was safe from her tormentors. Things must have been pretty bad since her father would walk her to school every day to make sure no one would attack her.

Why was she singled out? Probably because her folks did not have money to buy her cool clothes. To think that fashion houses now beg her to don their outfits!

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8 /10 Justin Timberlake

Back in high school, the American singer was not the heartthrob he is today. He was just another gangly teenager, and his classmates called him all sorts of names.

The reason? They thought him weird! Fortunately, Timberlake had a mother who taught him being different is OK and gave him the strength to survive the traumatic experience.

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7 /10 Eminem

Rapper Eminem is a bit weird even today, and that’s a good thing when you’re in showbiz. Back in school, this cost him quite a lot.

To make matters worse, his family moved a lot, so he had to start all over again, being the new kid in school. The other children beat him, and he struggled to make friends.

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6 /10 Tom Cruise

Childhood was a very lonely sort of hell for Tom Cruise, who was often picked upon in school for being ‘different.’ Making friends? Mission Impossible for the Hollywood star.

The fact that his father was also a bully didn’t help at all. The only place where he felt like he belonged? The acting class!

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5 /10 Victoria Beckham

She is one of the most sophisticated women globally, a trendsetter millions of people follow blindly. Back in school, nobody cared for Victoria Beckham, who was bullied viciously.

Not just mean words, but beating, kids throwing stuff at her or chasing her after school. In her own words, her school years were ‘miserable.’

Let’s hope that some of those kids came to regret the fact they cannot say they’ve been best friends with Victoria Beckham since first grade!

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4 /10 Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga rose to fame betting on her odd looks. She stands out from a whole lot of blonde celebrities. Unfortunately, her distinctive features also stood out in her childhood.

When she was in school, Lady Gaga was an ugly duckling. ‘I used to be called a sh*t,’ the singer said in an interview.

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3 /10 Christina Hendricks

You’d expect Christina Hendricks to be one of the most popular girls back in high-school with a body like hers. Many of her classmates were probably jealous of her looks and took their revenge by being mean to her.

Most days, she did not dare go to her locker because the other kids ganged up on her. ‘I felt scared in high school,’ Hendricks recalls.

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2 /10 Kate Winslet

Jealousy was the main reason Kate Winslet was bullied in school. Her classmates resented her for her ambition to become an actress.

She had a dream, and she was determined, something many teenagers unfortunately lack. So they laugh at those who dare to dream!

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1 /10 Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock stood out from the crowd because she traveled a lot, accompanying her mother, an opera singer.

When she came back to school, the other children were not curious about the places she’d been and the things she’d seen.

They hated her for that and treated her so mean to this day she still remembers their names and their mocking faces.

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