The celebrities on this list are among the most beautiful women in the world.

Over the years, you’ve seen them many times donning low-cut dresses and impeccable makeup on the red carpet.

However, when they were young, they did not care much about being sexy and were regular tomboys.

Let’s have a look at the most spectacular transformations.

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10 /10 Kristen Stewart

She’s as sexy as can be, but Kristen Stewart was very much of a tomboy when she was a kid. As she puts it, she wanted to be like her older brother, whom she adored.

As her folks weren’t that rich, Stewart was regularly presented with her brother’s clothes had outgrown. She didn’t mind it. On the contrary, she was happy to slip into an old pair of jeans and go out to play.

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9 /10 Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson has been proclaimed one of the sexiest women alive and for a good reason. Just look at her pictures!

That’s now, but in her childhood, the diva was just a plain girl who felt more comfortable in a pair of jeans.

Her performance in her debut movie, The Horse Whisperer, was not an act. She was the sort of girl who preferred being outside than styling her dolls like many other girls.

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8 /10 Reese Witherspoon

When people saw her in her 1991 hit movie The Man In The Moon, few would have guessed the girl playing the 14-year old tomboy would grow up so hot.

She says she identifies, at least in part, with this sort of down-to-earth sort of girl. At present, however, she much prefers her designer dresses and the makeup sessions.

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7 /10 Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis grew up in a small town in far-away Ukraine, where kids were left to their own devices pretty much the whole day.

The beautiful actress had her older brother look out for her, and he spent a lot of time with his gang. She didn’t mind being the only girl on the team as she was quite a tomboy.

And it was not that sort of place where girls went around in fancy dresses. A faded pair of jeans would do very well for running around the neighborhood all day.

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6 /10 Alyssa Milano

Many people remember Alyssa Milano from her debut in the Who’s the Boss series. She was 11 and wowed with her performance as a tomboy.

Milano was so credible in her part; most viewers assumed she was the same in real life. Yet, the actress remembers that time differently.

It was fun to portray a baseball-mad girl who walked around in nondescript boyish outfits, but she was into lovely dresses and more girly hobbies in her free time.

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5 /10 Janet Jackson

The American singer has spent most of her life in the limelight, but, as a kid, she refused to bow to societal norms and be a nice little girl.

She hated girly outfits and much-preferred jeans and shirts. You probably know her as the hottie she has become, but when she’s not on stage or posing for photos, she still goes around in men’s costumes. Much more comfortable than long dressed and high heels.

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4 /10 Keira Knightley

The 35-year old British actress strikes you with her lithe body and her air of fragility. However, Keira Knightly wasn’t that feminine when she was a kid.

According to her, she refused to put on a skirt until she was 14. She’s changed a lot since then, and she credits her tomboyish childhood by giving a more in-depth perspective on the femininity she now embraces wholeheartedly.

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3 /10 Jessica Biel

The 38-year old actress always looks picture-perfect when she steps on the red carpet. However, when she was young in her native Colorado, Jessica Biel was such a tomboy she decapitated her Barbie dolls and used their heads as Christmas lights.

She wasn’t creepy or anything; she didn’t like girly stuff. She lived in a mountainous area where worn-out jeans were the norm, and there wasn’t much demand for pink dresses and matching ribbons.

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2 /10 Anna Chlumsky

As a child actor, Anna Chlumsky was cast in boyish girl-next-door sort of parts. She was cute, but not as in the little princess sort of cute.

You probably remember her from her role in My girl, roaming the neighborhood on her bike. She turned into a real beauty since then, and she ditched the boyish jeans for figure-hugging dresses.

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1 /10 Christine Lakin

Christine Lakin rose to fame with the role of Alicia in the Step by Step sitcom. She was suited for the part of a tomboy, as the 12-year old wasn’t one for girly stuff.

However, as she entered her teens, she matured into a real hottie, to the point that producers had to hide her undeniable feminine charms under tons of makeup and loose outfits.

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