Love makes people do crazy things. There are plenty of stories of people who are so star-struck in love that they go to desperate lengths to be accepted and admired.

It’s a whole sub-genre of movies, of what a guy or girl is willing to do to get the romance they want from the person they need in their life.

In those stories, they often have happy – or at least respectably friendly – endings. In real life, the obsession that drives people to love too much is a dangerous thing.

The nasty reality is that the one thing most people are all too willing to do for love is kill.

Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander had that kind of bloody, unfortunate relationship.

She loved him so much she went to all sorts of lengths to be accepted, but when he didn’t feel the same way, she decided to cut things off – in the most gruesome way imaginable.


10 /10 What Happens In Vegas

The tale of two lethal lovers starts in Vegas. Travis was doing his job as a spokesperson and motivational speaker for Pre-Paid Legal Services in Las Vegas. Jodi was part of the audience.

She approached him with questions about what opportunities there were for her in the company.

One thing led to another, and they ended up hitting it off. So much that Travis invited Jodi to the executive dinner as a guest, which solidified how fast they were moving.

9 /10 Moving Too Fast

According to a present friend, he testified that Jodi and Travis seemed to get along well and that she did most of the talking.

He made her laugh, and she made him laugh back. They had fun. Travis wasn’t one to shy away from starting things off in a sprint.

The young 30-year-old professional-led on the 26-year-old flirt started a long-distance relationship between Travis’s home in Arizona and her home in Palm Desert, California.

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8 /10 Break Hearts To Make New Starts

When Jodi met Travis, she was already involved with a long-term, live-in boyfriend to stay loyal and deeply involved with Travis. She even converted to Mormonism, which Travis belonged to, for him.

He baptized her, officiating her into his church and group, where their relationship started taking worse and worse turns.

Jodi was doing everything for Travis, and it was becoming evident that Travis wasn’t as involved as she was, although that didn’t stop their relationship from staying physical.


7 /10 The Friend Effect

No relationship can easily survive the beating a few good friends can give it from the outside. Travis’s friends were quick to note Jodi’s odd and often worrying behavior.

She was an outsider to their group and their religion, and she was highly sexual, which offended some of Travis’s friends.

It only took five months for Travis to backtrack on his earlier commitments, and they broke up, but on Jodi’s insistence, they remained physical when it was convenient.


6 /10 Hot And Cold

When Travis started looking for new romantic partners, things got dangerous. Jodi flipped like a switch and began to harass him.

When he ignored her, she came calling in person. She even went to some outright illegal reaches to get his attention.

She slashed his tires, hacked his social media, and generally tried to make his life a living hell. It got so bad that Travis warned his friends at the height of the drama that he might end up dead because of Jodi.

5 /10 Green-Eyed Monster

Travis was set to go to Mexico for a business conference with Jodi, but their breakup made him change his plans and expected guest.

When Jodi found out, she filled his voicemail with phone calls to talk to him. Eventually, they came to an agreement which saw Jodi rent a car and travel to Utah, where Travis was.

4 /10 Ex-Girlfriend, Present Terror

After Jodi returned home, there was no word from Travis. His friends and roommates thought he was already gone.

Then, on June 9th, they found him in a pool of blood, covered with stab wounds – about 28 of them – and bullet wounds. He’d been dead for days about as long as Jodi had been out of town.

3 /10 Demented Date

After giving Jodi’s name to police as a suspect who may have hated Travis, with all her previous harassment as proof, she was arrested.

She claimed total innocence and made up several stories that did not line up with the events that preceded her, such as being in a different city or the last time she saw Travis being months earlier.

The phone records disproved her but weren’t quite enough. What clinched the evidence was a camera found in the washing machine in Travis’s apartment. It had pictures of them, from when they were dating to when he was killed.

Gruesome photos fresh from the crime scene and Jodi’s DNA mixed in with some of the bloody marks on the bathroom door locked her in for a first-degree murder charge.

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2 /10 Circus In Session

Jodi wasn’t just a dramatic murderer. She was a soap opera wannabe starlet in the courtroom.

She defended herself with 18 days worth of hearings where she went over her entire life history, starting from tales of abuse when she was a little girl up to the graphic and extensive details of her and Travis’s sex life, all before a Judge and later a Jury.

Despite the evidence verifying her presence and conflicting with her own stories and slander against Travis’ name, she was utterly confident in her innocence.


1 /10 15 Minutes Of Infamy

Despite – or despite – her elongated testimony and defense, Jodi was charged guilty. The prosecution had pushed for the death penalty.

Still, on later appeals due to growing social media frenzy and exposure to the public, Jodi eventually changed her plea to guilty, and her attorneys arranged for a life sentence.

She is still alive, currently serving in prison for the rest of her life, but wavers back and forth between a sociopathic glee over the fame she garnered and an act of sappy despair over her conviction.

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