If you’ve watched any of the Conjuring movies, or you’re just a fan of the paranormal, then you’d most certainly know this classic duo, Ed and Lorraine Warren.

It is the best thing that happened to horror TV since Ghostbusters. Yes, we said it.

This couple’s investigation into hauntings and possessions spans a whopping 50 years and scours the globe!

They’re the demonologists behind some of the most famous supernatural cases in horror history.

You remember Annabelle. Yes, that’s them.

You probably think you know all there is to know about these two.

The movies did delve into their investigations pretty well. But they didn’t tell you this.

10 /10 Lorraine Didn't Believe In Ghosts

Weird right? Your whole life is spent hunting ghosts, but you don’t believe they’re real? 

Well, in Lorraine Warren’s case, the answer would be yes. Or that’s what it would have been if you met her in the ’50s. 

Unlike her husband, who was interested in the paranormal all his life, Lorraine was a skeptic. When they were about to start their ghostbusting career, Lorraine didn’t believe that people saw ghosts.

 She chalked it up to their imaginations. But, as they came across several people with similar stories and hauntings, Lorraine started believing in evil spirits who wreaked havoc.

It’s still a bit weird, considering that they didn’t start this ghost business today… yesterday?

9 /10 Their Paranormal Lives Started Early

Lorraine started seeing visions and auras at the age of nine. She thought everyone saw it, so she didn’t make much of it. 

Even when she took the issue to the Mother Superior in her Catholic elementary school, she was told not to talk about things like that again. Ed’s story starts way earlier.

At the tender age of five, Edward Warren Miney had shown an interest in the world beyond ours.

Born in 1926, in a haunted house, Ed got used to seeing his dead landlady’s ghost lurking around the house. And when he started visiting dead relatives too, he knew he had to tell someone. 

So, Ed told his dad. He replied that everything has a logical explanation. A mantra Ed used in his future investigations.

8 /10 A Near-Death Experience Started Ed On The Paranormal Path

When he turned 17, Edward Warren went to war. At that time, he had already started dating Lorraine before he was drafted into the army.

One day, his ship collided with an oil tanker at sea and caught fire. To save their hides, Ed and other soldiers jumped into the freezing depths of the sea. Ed was sure he’d die. Yet he prayed.

And almost miraculously, he was saved. He and the other survivors were given a 30-day leave. Ed used this opportunity to marry Lorraine.  This event also served as Ed’s turning point into the mysteries of the occult.


7 /10 They Were Artists

We know it’s hard to imagine these two wielding brushes instead of crosses, but they did have an artistic spark.

After their marriage, Edward and Lorraine initially wanted to make a living selling landscape paintings of the countryside. But, they couldn’t ignore their calling. And their painting skills soon became a vital tool.

To gain entrance into a house they believed was haunted, Ed would make a painting of the house. Lorraine would take the picture to the owner and then strike up a conversation about the place.

If the owner believed it was haunted and needed help, Ed and Lorraine would offer their services.

TCD/Prod.DB / Alamy Stock Photo

6 /10 They Never Charged A Dime

Throughout their inquiries into the occult, Edward and Lorraine charged nothing. They believed it was their duty to free people from the torment of demons. As we said, it was a calling.

Later on, they started making a living appearing on TV shows and giving lectures on demonology in colleges. They also got money selling publishing rights and TV rights to their stories about their investigations.

5 /10 They Also Used Science To Solve Mysteries

Before pronouncing any home as haunted, and before they start any exorcism, Ed and Lorraine made sure that other factors weren’t the cause of the hauntings. 

Following his dad’s advice, Ed would go on to cross out every logical explanation for any unusual occurrence. A crafty attic, creaky steps, mice in the walls.

All that and more. When physical factors were ruled out, they went supernatural.


4 /10 Lorraine Even Got Tested

During the peak of their fame, Lorraine became swamped by critics who didn’t believe in her psychic abilities. They called her a fraud.  Determined to prove them wrong, Lorraine agreed to take a physic test.

Dr. Thelma Moss, a parapsychologist at UCLA, decided to check if Lorraine’s psychic ability existed.  The test showed that Lorraine was a light trance medium. Above average, in fact.

Wikimedia Commons

3 /10 Some Of Their Famous Investigations

Their most popular investigation and the one that brought them into the horror pop culture limelight was The Amityville Haunting.

Ed and Lorraine had come to help a family who had been chased out of their house by spirits. It turns out the house was the location of several murders in 1974. A 23-year-old man had murdered his parents and four siblings while they slept.

Another famous haunting was about 11-year-old David Glatzel, possessed by a demon that regularly hurt him. The Warrens were called to exorcise the demon.

Later on, Arne Cheyenne Johnson, the Fiancé to David’s sister, murdered their landlord. And guess what? He blamed the demon.


2 /10 The Smurl Haunting

This was the worst haunting that Lorraine and Ed ever worked on. The spirit refused to budge from the home.

It was so bad that they had to ask the Catholic Church for help – Ed and Lorraine were devout Catholics.

Cardinal Ratzinger, who would later become Pope Benedict XVI, even helped assign an exorcist to the case.

Wikimedia Commons

1 /10 They Had An Occult Museum

Do you remember that eerie room in The Conjuring movie, the one where all the creepy haunted relics are kept? Yes, that one. It exists.

It’s located right in the backyard of the Warren house in Connecticut. The building contains all the haunted artifacts from their investigations, alongside files and tapes used in recording everything.

It houses the cursed Raggedy Ann doll, Annabelle. Unfortunately, it’s closed now. Fortunately, their legacy lives on in their spectacular movies.

Lorraine even made a cameo in 2013’s The Conjuring movie. Which made the house it was based on so famous that the previous owners had to sue because people kept vandalizing and performing satanic rituals there.

Yet, no matter what the skeptics and critics say, Ed and Lorraine Warren will remain one of the most significant contributors to horror pop culture.

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