There is probably no way to put in more clear terms the disturbing nature of the history of Lauren Kavanaugh than by stating it clearly.

For six years, from 1995 to 2001, she was held captive in the closet of a mobile home by her biological mother and her stepfather, sleeping in the urine-soaked carpet, being deprived of food and water, among garbage, and being abused in every sort of way imaginable, from beatings to being prostituted to pedophiles.

Born in 1993, Lauren Kavanaugh’s life until her rescue in 2001 is a string of constant failures of supposed authority figures to act in her best interests or considering her interests at all.

Keep reading as we review the disturbing story of Lauren Kavanaugh, from a happy toddler in a loving adoptive home to a near-death, malnourished, abused child.


10 /10 Adopted At Birth

Lauren Kavanaugh is the daughter of Barbara Atkinson (Barbara Calhoun, giving birth) and an unknown biological father.

At some point in early 1993, Barbara had met Sabrina and Bill Kavanaugh. This middle-aged couple was desperately looking to adopt a child, and, according to Sabrina, “she was more than willing” to give her baby to their care.

As such, Sabrina, Bill, and Barbara agreed to the adoption, and all three of them signed the adoption papers: Lauren Atkison became Lauren Kavanaugh before she was born.


9 /10 Unwanted By Her Mother

When she was born, indeed, it seemed as if her biological mother couldn’t wait to send her away with the Kavanaughs.

Later, after everything she had done was discovered, Barbara would state to the Child Protective Services: “I never loved Lauren. I never wanted her. When my other kids hurt, I hurt. When Lauren hurt, I felt nothing.”

At the time, Barbara’s hate for Lauren was somehow expressed subtly: she refused to hold her, see her, or anything of the sort.

Lauren was quickly placed into the Kavanaugh’s care, and it seemed like she had found a life away from an unloving mother and into the arms of very much loving parents.

8 /10 The Court Sentences Hell

However, the strangest thing happened after a few months. Barbara Calhoun (who would soon become Barbara Atkinson after marrying Kenneth Atkinson, a high school friend) informed the Kavanaugh that she was suing them for her biological child’s custody.

She wanted her child back, though it didn’t seem like she wanted Lauren back. She wanted what was, in her eyes, hers and was willing to go to court for it.

And against all odds, a traveling judge named Lynn E. Markham gave her custody back in 1995.


7 /10 First Days Of Abuse

Soon was gone, the girl who was always smiling, as she appears in the pictures of the day in which the Kavanaughs returned her to her biological mother. Barbara, aided by Kenneth, began to beat her and severely deprive her of food.

They consistently placed her away from the rest of their children (some of Kenneth, the rest of different fathers), and the abuse gradually escalated until the fateful year of 1996.

That year, Barbara suffered a miscarriage which resulted in depression, and she began to take it out on Lauren.

6 /10 Living In Suffering

It was then when she was forced to live in the closet of their mobile home, four feet wide by nine feet long.

She was only given a pillow to sleep on the floor and did not receive a blanket except on days in which she had been ‘good,’ which often meant that she hadn’t screamed while she was being raped by pedophiles or by her parents.

She tried to eat her feces, the carpet, and plastic pieces of garbage because they didn’t feed her.

At one point, her mother served her a plate of mac and cheese and forced her to chew but forbade her to swallow any of the food. She looked like a three-year-old when she was already eight.

5 /10 He Couldn't Take It Anymore

This kept going on for six years until the day Kenneth showed a neighbor the ‘little secret’ they kept in their mobile home.

According to this neighbor Jeanie Rivers, “he couldn’t take it anymore.” She was rescued by the police that same day, just as her organs began to shut down due to malnutrition.

She couldn’t recognize basic objects such as the Sun and had to be fed using a method designed for Holocaust survivors, as she was so weak that she could not hear otherwise.


4 /10 Unrepentant Mother

To this day, Lauren’s mother is unrepentant.

In 2002, for an interview, Barbara Atkinson (who has by now been sentenced to life alongside Kenneth Atkinson) laconically said to the interviewer about Lauren: “I hope she’s happy. I hope she’s able to trust. I hope she’s able to cope with everything emotionally. It’s a long road.”

To this day, she never apologized or said that she was sorry for nearly killing her daughter through years of abuse. If asked, she blames many reasons for her actions and calls her daughter ‘it.’

3 /10 The Sequels

Sadly, the pain of all the abuse she received stayed with Lauren. Because of the abuse received throughout the most formative years of her life, Lauren Kavanaugh kept experiencing learning difficulties, stunning growth, and, especially, severe psychological sequels.

She has had troubles with drugs and alcohol addiction and requires psychological counseling to this day.

She has attempted suicide over thirty times, and some of her life experiences after being ‘saved’ have made her situation worse.

2 /10 Another Rape

Perhaps the worst of these took place in August 2005, four years after she was rescued from her original abusers.

After keeping her under close watch to prevent her from being harmed or triggering flashbacks, her mother, Sabrina Kavanaugh, allowed her to go to a slumber party at a niece’s house.

Lauren was raped once again by the husband of Sabrina’s niece, Jesse Bass, who received thirteen years in prison for the rape and possession of child pornography.

After this, Lauren could barely manage, psychologically, to keep herself alive and functioning.

Denton County Sheriff’s Office

1 /10 Lauren, Today

Lauren Kavanaugh has recently made the headlines for maintaining a sexual relationship with a fourteen-year-old girl, which in the state of Texas amounts to statutory rape and could bring her over twenty years in prison.

The relationship was, however, according to her defendant, ‘as consensual as could be, and although still illegal and immoral, “I think it’s utterly inhumane to have her in jail right now,” her defendant stated in court.

He added that she didn’t have the socialization experiences necessary to understand age-appropriate relationships. Lauren, to this day, still awaits a sentence for those charges.

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