8 /10 Unlikely Found Alive

In June, a Portuguese police chief admitted that vital forensic evidence might have been destroyed because the crime scene and its immediate surroundings had not been adequately secured.

British police also sent sniffer dogs to help perform an inspection of the apartment and McCann’s rental car. 

Investigating officers publicly acknowledged that Madeleine might not be found alive by August 2007.

In early September, Portuguese police interviewed Kate McCann as a witness. The next day the couple were considered formal suspects.


7 /10 Final Report

As soon as words came out that Madeleine’s parents became persons of interest in the investigation, more speculations surfaced suggesting theories about the roles they had played in their daughter’s disappearance.

Portuguese police shelved the investigation in July 2008 and lifted the “suspect” status from the parents.

When the final report was submitted, Madeleine had been missing for more than a year. At this point, the investigation had not yielded any significant discovery.

They didn’t even have any potential suspect or new evidence for continuing the search.


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