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8 /10 Same Owners... Since 1909

One of the most widely reported paranormal events in the hotel is the apparition of the former owners Freelan Stanley and Flora Stanley.

They are still around to check that their much-loved hotel is well maintained. Freelan Stanley is often captured in photographs taken by guests in the Billiards Room, where he loved to be.

Flora’s artistic abilities are suddenly demonstrated once again during the dead of night when she begins playing the Steinway piano that sits silently in the dining room most of the time.

7 /10 Fourth Floor Giggles

Another curious and frequent occurrence occurs on the fourth floor, where the laughter of children is often heard and their little steps running in the hallways.

When the surprised or annoyed guests of that floor stick their heads out of their rooms, they find an empty hallway.

Sometimes they will ask about it to the management, who may inform them that no children are staying in the hotel.


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