8 /10 Some Dresses

Diner de Têtes Surrealistes translates to “Surrealist Heads Dinner,” which was no figurative speech.

Marie-Hélène de Rothschild hosted the party as a fallen stag, with an almost too-real animal head decorated with towering antlers; added to the perversity was a couple of pear-shaped giant diamond teardrops.

Famous perfumer Hélène Rochas wore a gramophone, while Audrey Hepburn came up with her head trapped in a birdcage.

Baron Alexis de Redé had a confusing multiple-faces hat, designed by Salvador Dali, who didn’t appear to wear any decorative head himself.


7 /10 Fur-Covered Dinner Plates

Several servants dressed as fallen cats in many different staged poses welcomed the guests upon entering the manor.

The guests would have to navigate themselves through a maze of cobwebs, following the leads of the cats to their tables, which were set in the most outrageous arrangements.

The dinner plates were covered with fur, the fork was replaced with dead fish, plastic baby dolls and taxidermy tortoises were all over the place, and the dessert was made entirely of sugar in the shape of a nude woman mounted on a bed of roses.


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