Russian authorities believe that Natalia Baksheeva (43) and her husband, Dmitry Baksheev (35) murdered up to thirty people and then ate them. They took delight in recording their macabre feast on a mobile phone.

It is believed that they used sedatives to render the victims unconscious before skinning them alive.

Some of the body parts were kept in the freezer, while others were preserved in jars full of saline solution. They ate the rest.

It is alleged that Natalia Baksheeva was able to persuade her husband, nicknamed “Devil” to murder a young waitress by the name of Elena Vashrusheva.

This followed a drunken argument in which Natalia, in a fit of jealousy, demanded that her husband kill the waitress.

The Worst Serial Killers In Russian History

It is now thought that the couple may have murdered up to 30 other people in the city of Krasnodar, a few hours from Sochi.

To date, Baksheev has been charged with one murder, and the investigation is continuing. If all 30 murders are confirmed, they will be considered amongst the worst serial killers in Russian criminal history.

It appears that Natalia Baksheeva suspected that the waitress had been trying to seduce her husband, and she became jealous.

This is according to the Russian Investigative Committee. According to her husband, the waitress was just one of many of their victims.

Dmitry Was Pressurized By His Wife

They produced an official statement about the case stating, “Because of his character and psychological state of mind Dmitry lived under pressure from his wife, so he obeyed.”

He suffers from health issues, including tuberculosis. It has been proved that this can induce mental health issues in sufferers, and Dmitry is having medical examinations.

Anton Lopatin, of the Russian Investigative Committee, informed investigators that Dmitry did not hesitate to use the knife that he always carried, to kill the waitress.

For him, Baksheeva’s request had to be carried out immediately, so he stabbed Vashrusheva twice in her chest, in cold blood.  She died, instantly, of her injuries.

The crimes of this cannibal couple may never have been discovered were it not for a cell phone that was lost on a street.

Workmen Found Photos Of Cannibalistic Acts On Cell Phone

The couple was renamed “Cannibal Couple” because of a simple twist of fate. Workmen, repairing a road, came across a cell phone. In an attempt to find the owner, they switched on the phone.

What they came across, chilled them to the bone. As the scrolled through the photos, they could not believe their eyes.

They had no choice but to hand the phone into the authorities. They had found photos of a man holding parts of a mutilated human corpse in his mouth.

After using special technology, the police were able to trace the owner of the phone. It was Baksheev and he was immediately arrested.

According to the BBC, Baksheev confessed to the crimes, and said that he and his wife had performed cannibalistic acts as many as 30 times over the past twenty years.

The investigation into the case revealed that Baksheev had taken the body of the waitress to a place where it could be dismembered.

He then proceeded to take selfies with various body parts. In one photo, Baksheev is seen holding the severed hand of the waitress up to his mouth.

Reportedly, he also took some of the mutilated body parts back to his wife. She refrigerated some and cooked others.

This was proved by genetic experts who studied the samples and declared that they belonged to the murdered waitress.

According to the law enforcement agency, Baksheev has confessed to killing up to thirty victims over the last eighteen years.

Christmas Dinner Photo Shows Severed Head On A Platter

Using online dating apps, the cannibalistic couple enticed unsuspecting victims over many years. An image from 1999 shows the couple’s dinner table with a severed head on a platter, garnished with oranges.

It has not officially been confirmed, but the photograph is being used as part of the investigation into the bizarre activities of the couple.

While still awaiting confirmation of the authenticity of Baksheeva’s confession, the Russian authorities have gathered a considerable amount of evidence from their home.

They have found Vashrusheva’s remains, as well as a jar of pickled body parts and slices of skin.

Police Found Human Hand Preserved In Saline

CNN has reported that Russian police have found a glass preserving jar that contained a human hand. This links directly with the gruesome photos that were found on Baksheev’s cell phone.

To date, only Baksheev has been charged with the murder of the waitress, but the investigation is on-going.

It has emerged that the cannibal couple tried to feed canned human meat to soldiers at the military academy where they were both employed.

They lived in accommodation on the site. They had both worked in the kitchen of the military base at some stage, and investigating police officers have found the mutilated corpse of a woman near to the military base.

As part of the investigation, police searched the home of the couple. Video footage showed a jumbled mess with a room full of trash and clothing slung around the room.

They also found piles of photographs on the bed, and most bizarrely, wigs on top of the freezer.

Unsurprisingly, the couple had not welcomed visitors to their accommodation in the dormitory where they lived.

Fellow workers said, “Each time we tried to enter their room, they started wild shouting and crying.

It seems that the couple drugged their quarries with Corvalol, a drug that subdued them before the dismembering began.

Their room was infused with the smell of the drug, a gruesome side-effect of their activities.

As the investigation continues, the people of Krasnodar have been sickened to find out what has been going on in secret in their city.

For some, this could be the explanation of what had happened to loved ones who mysteriously disappeared over the last two decades.

It is hard to believe that all it took was a lost cell phone and some curious street workers to reveal the despicable acts of this cannibal couple.

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