In 2009 in Cole County, Missouri, a chilling murder took place at the hands of then-15-year-old Alyssa Bustamante.

Bustamante enjoyed killing and took pleasure in causing harm to herself — or even to her younger siblings.

This pleasure culminated with the brutal murder of nine-year-old Elizabeth Olten.

She had been a troubled child and was raised by her grandparents from a young age because of her parents’ instability.

Her father was a violent criminal spending time in jail, and her mother suffered from addiction and was regularly in and out of prison for various offenses.

Between the state of her home life, her depression, and a passion for violence that she would begin to display, it quickly becomes clear exactly how horrifying and tragic this murder was.


10 /10 Her Parents Weren't Around

Bustamante’s childhood was traumatic. Both of her parents were in jail and addicted to drugs — her father was even a violent criminal being held for assault.

Because of this, Bustamante was sent to live with her grandparents, hoping that she would benefit from the stability and security they could provide. Unfortunately, the damage had already been done.

Shortly after Bustamante moved in with her grandparents, she began displaying signs of severe depression and a deep interest in death and murder.


9 /10 Her Friends Worried About Her Death Obsession

Bustamante had been dropping clues to her intentions long before she murdered Olten. She had several friends in school who attempted to stay close with her but maintained a distance because of her obsessive fascination with death.

She even told her friends and others on her YouTube channel that her hobbies included “cutting” and “killing.”

She enjoyed death and violence, which made her friends fear her — leaving her isolated when she needed support and friendship the most.

8 /10 She Had Previously Attempted Suicide

Bustamante’s friends and family both knew that something was seriously wrong when she attempted suicide in 2007.

After her attempt, she spent ten days in a psychiatric hospital and was prescribed potent antidepressants. The medication helped for a while, but Bustamante eventually fell back into her depression.

This time, Bustamante would not have a chance to recover before she murdered Olten. In the meantime, she developed a deep interest and pleasure in violence.


7 /10 She Wanted To Hurt Herself And Others

Bustamante always made clear to those around her that she enjoyed causing harm, both to herself and others.

She frequently harmed herself by cutting her wrists and arms with a blade — and she even recorded a video for her YouTube channel where she encourages her younger brothers to touch an electric fence.

Her encouragement is sadistic enough, but it’s made even worse by the fact that she captioned her video around the part where they touch the fence with “This is where it gets good… we get to see my brothers get hurt.”

This is what shows her audience that she isn’t just trying to joke around, but that she wants to harm those around her intentionally.

6 /10 She Dug Multiple Graves Near Her Home

Although this theory never gained much traction, it explains why Bustamante had dug two graves by her house.

She told investigators that she searched the graves for fun, but it seems likely that she had another victim planned for the second grave.

It is possible that Bustamante had intended on killing her younger brothers, but that she found Olten to be an easier target.

We may never know the real reason Bustamante dug two graves, but fortunately, she could only use one before the police apprehended her.

5 /10 She Used Her Sister To Trick Elizabeth Olten

One of the most despicable parts of the murder of Elizabeth Olten is the way Bustamante involved her younger sister in it.

Bustamante’s sister was friends with Elizabeth, so when the girls were playing together outside, Bustamante led Elizabeth into the forest, claiming that she had a gift for her.

When they got deep enough into the forest and close to the two graves that Bustamante had preemptively dug near her house, Bustamante brutally murdered the girl and crudely covered her body with leaves and mud.


4 /10 She Took Her Time Killing Olten

Unfortunately for Olten, Bustamante did not intend on killing her quickly. Bustamante strangled the girl and slashed her wrists and throat. The brutality ended with a stab to the stomach and Olten’s body being hidden in a shallow grave.

Bustamante enjoyed killing Olten. She wanted to see her suffer and enjoyed the act of causing her harm. This murder was motivated by nothing other than a deep desire to kill.

3 /10 She Enjoyed Killing

One reason that Bustamante is a killer to be feared is her deep passion for killing. She wrote in her journal after she killed Olten that “It was ahmazing. As soon as you get over the ‘ohmygawd I can’t do this’ feeling; it’s pretty enjoyable.”

This shows that Bustamante likely didn’t care about the consequences for what she had done and that she enjoyed the thrill she got from killing.


2 /10 She Pled Not Guilty Despite Confessing

In the initial court case in 2009, Bustamante pled not guilty to the murder of Elizabeth Olten even though she had already confessed.

Whether this was a last-ditch attempt to get out of her sentence, or if she genuinely thought that she was innocent, this reveals that she felt no remorse at the time for what she had done.

She was more concerned with her security and freedom than making any attempt to right her wrong or take primary accountability for her actions.


1 /10 She May Be Free Again One Day

Perhaps the scariest part of the murder of Elizabeth Olten is the fact that her Bustamante may be free again someday.

In 2012, her sentence was reduced to life imprisonment with parole potential after a consecutive 30-year sentence.

There is the potential that Bustamante feels some guilt for the crime that she committed. Despite her responsibility, she still has an interest in death and finds pleasure in killing and violence. While she is unlikely to kill again, the possibility is always there.

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