8 /10 Michelle Knight

The first victim was Michelle Knight. She was 21 when Ariel picked her up after leaving her cousin’s home.

She had a court appointment that day to fight for custody of her son Joey, who she had when she was too young to bear moral responsibility from the state.

Her disappearance was not widely known or sought because she was a missing adult. Authorities assumed she did something desperate over her son’s case and even removed her from a search list in the FBI.


7 /10 Amanda Berry

The second kidnapping was far more substantial. Amanda Berry was taken in April of 2003, the day before she turned 17.

She left her job at Burger King and accepted a kindly Castro ride, who instead brought her to his home. She was considered a runaway at first.

Her cell phone was used to make a call, possibly by Castro, who went unidentified, stating that she would be back in a couple of days. She spent the next ten years in his grasp.


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