6 Tamara Ecclestone

The British model, TV personality, and socialite Tamara Ecclestone is the daughter of Bernie Ecclestone, who for a long while used to be the chief executive of Formula One Group.

In her late teenage years, Tamara seemed to have similar trajectory to that of Paris Hilton by appearing in lavish high-class parties and reality shows.

She has not been in the spotlight recently, as she is busy managing multiple business ventures including Fifi and Friends and Show Beauty, both are hair care brands.

5 Petra Ecclestone

Tamara is not the only daughter of Bernie Ecclestone. She has a sister named Petra, who is just about as rich.

She used to own a 57,000 square-foot mansion (popularly known as The Manor) in Los Angeles County.

The Manor was listed for sale with an asking price of US $200 million. Somebody eventually bought it in 2019 for $119.7 million.

It was indeed much lower than the asking price, but still it made the highest sale price in Californian history.

Petra Ecclestone also bought a four-story home in Chelsea, London for $90 million.

4 Dylan Lauren

Just because your father has a multi-billion dollar company, you don’t have to work for him. In fact, you probably don’t have to work at all for life. But that is not the case with Dylan Lauren, the daughter of fashion icon Ralph Lauren.

Instead of joining her family in the already established company, she started her own business called Dylan’s Candy Bar, which as you may expect sells candies.

But it is not just a candy store; it is a confectionary empire with high profile customers including Michelle Obama, Taylor Swift, David Beckham, and Janet Jackson.


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