8 /10 26,000 Feet Above Sea Level

The events of 10 May 1996 proved that mountaineering for Weathers shifted from a mental escape to an overwhelming obsession.

With his mountain guide, Rob Hall – who had already completed five ascents to the Summit of Everest but sadly died with two other climbers on that faithful day – Weathers, as well as ten other climbers, took off from their camp IV on the South Col to begin the 12-14 hours climb up Everest, about 26,000 feet above sea level.

7 /10 Climbing Blind

Before his Summit climb, Weathers had undergone a radial keratotomy, resetting his corneas for the journey. But at such high altitude, his corneas changed shape, which left him half-blind in the darkness.

Due to his visual impairment, Weathers could not effectively continue the climb and had to move off the trail. 

Hoping that sunlight would help reduce the effect of the altitude on his sight, Weathers remained on the balcony, and Hall instructed he didn’t climb further unit he came to help him descend.

Unfortunately, Hall got stuck on the Summit’s ridge and never came back.


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