Mysterious species inhabit the Earth. Some of them are quite common, while others are rare.

Each of these creatures possesses rare qualities that are mostly exclusive to them.

It’s what makes them unique. Recently, there have been several sightings of a distinctive hornet, which people are now calling “murder hornets.”

According to several reports, these are no ordinary hornets.

Their sting is extremely vicious and is capable of subduing the healthiest of human beings.

That’s not all, though. These insects are also famous for killing honey bees.

While these hornets are present in different parts of the world, they are multiplying in the United States.

Experts believe that if no one takes control of this situation, the country’s environment could soon face a catastrophic environmental impact.


Initially, these murder hornets were only present in Asia.

People thought that the species was only limited to the continent. It stayed that way for a while.

East Asia, in particular, reported several cases where these insects bit people.

In the beginning, people thought that these bugs were no different than ordinary hornets, but they quickly realized that their sting is quite deadly.

The multiple death cases in Asia prove that you should take these insects seriously.

After some time, people in Canada and the United States also reported Hornet sightings.

Luckily, they are only present in particular cities, but it wouldn’t be a surprise to see these creatures multiply and swarm multiple states in the coming years.

A Distinct Appearance

It’s impossible to mistake a murder hornet for an ordinary one.

Why? Because their appearance is quite distinct. A fully-formed hornet is around two inches.

It has sharp stingers and mandibles.

The creature can fly around fifteen to twenty miles per hour, which is quite frightening when you consider its dangerous potential.

There is no difference between the murder hornets in Asia or any other part of the world.

Their appearance is the same, and the impact of their sting is equally deadly.

The queens are larger than the regular flies, and their mandibles are slightly sharper as well.

Initially, people thought that these creatures were a myth as they didn’t believe that an insect as small as this one could have such a lethal impact.

Later on, however, some images and videos began to surface online, proving that these creatures were real.

Some of the close-up photos of this insect are horrifying and show how dangerous they are.

Honeybees Are Not Safe Anymore

As discussed earlier, if experts do not take this situation under control, honeybees could go extinct quickly.

Murder hornets prey on these bees and are capable of killing them within seconds.

Scientists observed a significant decline in the number of bees and noted that murder hornets were the leading cause.

No one has been able to tell why these creatures target honey bees.

Some suggest that they want to establish dominance over weaker flies, but there hasn’t been anything to prove this theory.

Some researches indicate that the hornets slaughter honeybees and extract their thorax to feed it to their children.

How Does The Sting Feel?

There have been multiple cases where murder hornets severely stung some people.

The victims claimed that the pain was unbearable.

The first person to suffer from a murder hornet sting in the United States mentioned that he could not feel his leg for a couple of days.

His leg was palpitating and going through various degrees of pain.

The victim was wearing thick insect-proof clothes, but the bee’s claws were sharp enough to penetrate through them and enter his skin.

Luckily, he recovered after a few days. However, there have been several cases where the victims were not fortunate enough.

The fatality rate from murder hornet related incidents has been slowly increasing over the past two years.

Japan, in particular, sees more than 50 deaths each year. It further proves the murderous potential of these killer bees.

How Did These Bees Arrive In Canada And The United States?

People were quite surprised when they learned about murder hornet sightings in North America. No one imagined that these pests would make their way here from Asia.

No one is sure how they got here in a short period from a far-off continent.

Some people think that they flew over to the countries while others believe that they got stuck inside an airplane or a shipment container.

Whatever the actual case is, these bees wasted no time in causing devastation. Their frightening impact has been enough to scare people into staying inside their bedroom for days.

Multiplying At A Rapid Pace

If these bees were not frightening enough, their ability to breed and multiply is scarier.

The queen is capable of giving birth two more than one hundred murder hornet babies within weeks.

What’s even more alarming is that these creatures multiply at a quick pace. They reach their average size of two-inches within three to four weeks after their birth.

Researchers stated that these hornets are increasing every month. If their current breeding pace continues, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see more of these creatures terrorizing people from other states.

Are Governments Making Any Efforts To Extinguish These Creatures?

The response from most governments regarding murder hornet threats has been lackluster.

It is quite alarming as these creatures do not only murder bees but can also kill human beings.

With the increasing deaths in Japan, it wouldn’t be wise to sit back and wait for something similar to happen in your country.

The U.S government’s efforts to eradicate this creature since 2019 show that being proactive is the only way you can reduce it.

Scientists are creating high-tech tools and making various potions and sprays to kill these creatures.

They are also making disinfectants to save the lives of people infected by this creature’s sting.

Famous entomologist Chris Looney claims that his team is developing radio-frequency ID tags to track down captured hornets to find their nests.

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