Whether or not you like your teachers at school, you can’t deny that they are important figures in your life.

Every one of them has personal preferences when it comes to teaching styles and techniques, but it is safe to say that all have the same goal in mind: preparing you for the future.

Not every teacher is created equal indeed; some are true professionals who dedicate their lives to the educational system and willing to go the extra mile to help students, while others can be quite ignorant of students’ performance.

Few teachers are pretty exceptional in their own ways.

The teachers listed below have unconventional methods either to motivate their students or to supplement the low wage by engaging in some surprising side jobs.

In a few cases, they never shy away to showcase their other talents on social media. Here are 10 teachers with some extraordinary traits.

10 Oksana Neveselaya

Just by looking at many of Neveselaya’s photos on social media, you probably never guess that she actually is a math teacher.

Based in Minsk, Belarus, she is determined to prove to the world that a woman can be s*xy and smart at the same time.

Beauty and brain can coexist in a woman, and Neveselaya seems to be on the right path to tell the world about it.

Her social media is full of images of her doing various s*xy poses.

Neveselaya has received criticisms for such behavior as some people don’t think she is a good role model for students, but it does not stop her anyway.

9 Andrew Ward

A Spanish teacher at Turner High School in Kansas City, Andrew Ward has managed to turn something so simple into a powerful motivation for his students.

Every morning, he greets his students with his trademark “Buenos dias!” along with an interesting and pleasing arms-wide-open gesture.

Ward said that the greeting simply came naturally and he used that to set the tone for the class.

What he did not know was that two of his students secretly recorded his grand entrances and created a stitched footage of those. When Ward posted the video to his Facebook, it went viral, unsurprisingly.

8 Patrice Brown

If Oksana Neveselaya deliberately tries to prove her seemingly unmistakable combination of brain and beauty, another teacher based in Atlanta, Georgia unintentionally offends some parents because she is “too s*xy” to be a teacher at Boyd Elementary School in the Atlanta Public Schools system; on the other hand, some fans think that she is the s*xiest teacher alive today.

Regardless of the outfit she wears, she looks (too) s*xy with all her curves and smiles. She is in fact nicknamed “Teacherbae.”

7 Olivia Sprauer (Victoria James)

Still on the subject of s*xy teacher, a former English teacher at Martin County High School in Florida who now models under the name “Victoria James” comes to mind.

Modeling actually was just a side job for the teacher back then, but now it seems that she gladly embraces the occupation with determination.

When photographs of her glamour bikini shots surfaced online, she was forced to resign.

It didn’t take long after her teaching work had ended until she landed on the cover of Hustler.

6 Michael Bonner

Not every teacher in the list gets featured because of their s*xiness, for example Michael Bonner who teaches at South Greenville Elementary School in North Carolina.

When a reading test was upcoming for his students, he turned to a creative way to motivate them.

Instead of offering the students for a movie time or pizza party for positive results, he promised to make a music video together after the test.

Once the test was done, Bonner collaborated with his students to produce a hip-hop music video as a celebration for their achievement.

5 Brandy Young

A letter written by Brandy Young, a second grade teacher at Godley Elementary School, gained national attention in 2016 after she wrote a letter to end the homework policy, at least for her students.

In the letter she said something to the effect of; there would be no homework in the current school year except for classwork from the day that her students didn’t finish.

She also tells parents that homework does not improve class performance, so it would be much better for students to do things that actually correlate to students’ success such as eating dinner as family, playing outside, reading together, and getting children to bed early. Experts confirm that research backs her up.

4 Nicholas Ferroni

In a rather interesting way to teach s*xism in lawmaking, Nicholas Ferroni earned the national highlight.

He is a teacher at Union High School in Union, New Jersey.

In one of his social experiments, he decided to gather students to vote on new school policies.

The voters were made up of 80% female and 20% male. The hidden intention was to uncover (or mock) the 114 U.S. Congress in which the ratio was reversed.

As it turned out, new school policies fell in favor of policies that benefited female students.

He also is an outspoken advocacy for LGBTQ youth and one of the “Most Influential Educators in America” for his expertise and strong opinions.

3 Brittni Darras

An English teacher at Rampart High School in Colorado Springs, Brittni Darras is now a globally recognized teacher and TEDx speaker.

She came to the spotlight after sending personalized hand-written letters to all her 130 students following a suicide attempt by a student.

Her approach went viral as the world saw it as a heartwarming initiative and inspiring gesture to spread kindness.

Each letter was special and unique that it created huge ripple effect and encouraged students to create their own unique ways to spread love.

2 Christian Foley

As mentioned earlier, teachers have their own methods to increase class efficiency and many times that simply means a smart way of attracting students’ attention to the teacher.

Christian Foley, a teacher at Cardinal Pole in Hackney has found way to do that by rapping the lessons. He teaches math and poetry; and many times he is able to create rap lyrics spontaneously.

During moments in one of his videos, the class can be heard erupting in cheers out of enthusiasm.

1 Sonya Romero

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, Sonya Romero is regarded by many as a hero teacher.

She is a kindergarten teacher at Lew Wallace Elementary School.

Romero goes beyond the call of duty as she goes the extra mile to make sure that all her students all well taken care of every day.

Many of her students are from low-income family so she does what she can to help them in any way.

She provides breakfast, clothing, snacks, and even toothbrushes for any student who needs it.

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