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8 /10 Under The Weight Of The Presley

Musician and fellow spot lighter, Brandon Howard who was Benjamin’s close friend, had a thing or two to say about Benjamin’s days alive.

According to Howard, Benjamin struggled with depression which had a lot to do with living up to the Presley family name and image.

Being from a lineage and a generation of fame and entertainment frontlines, it’s easy to cower under the pressure that comes with the glitz and paparazzi.


7 /10 Wonderful Stories About Benjamin

From the words of Howard, Benjamin was also a selfless friend, always showing up for his friends as “in any kind of situation, he would be the one who would come crash with you on the couch for weeks until you’re actually feeling better.”

Benjamin was also described as an excellent chef and an all-around wonderful human. From the beautiful things friends and family had to say about him, it is evident that he was a coat of many (beautiful) colors.


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