A group of scientists recently discovered the remains of a well-preserved dinosaur.

However, this dinosaur is not an average-sized creature that most of us have come to expect. Instead, it is larger than any other reptilian creature to exist.

Some experts even claim that this dinosaur could be the biggest one they have ever come across.

People always assumed that the Tyrannosaurus rex was the longest dinosaur out there.

You will find it quite often in pop-culture, where people portray it as the most massive and most dangerous creature in the history of humanity.

While most of us bought into that, it turns out that one dinosaur towers over even the T-Rex.

The Discovery

A group of researchers who worked at MEF (Museum of Paleontology Egidio Feruglio) in Argentina organized a research team consisting of some acclaimed scientists in 2013.

Two or three weeks after the research began, one of the experts claimed that he saw something unusually large.

Everybody huddled up to the place of discovery and saw a massive object, the identity of which they were unable to determine.

However, after taking a closer look, they realized that it was one of many dinosaur bones in the vicinity.

Everybody was quite shocked. Not only because they discovered dinosaur remains but also because of how enormous the bone was.

No one expected to find pieces of reptilian residue like this in Argentina of all places. It made the news and went viral on the internet.

People followed this research’s developments with a vested interest as instances like these are quite rare.

Media Frenzy

As soon as news about the discovery broke, media outlets took advantage of it and spun the story in a plethora of ways.

Some claimed that the fossil was not authentic, while others claimed that dinosaurs were not extinct.

Rumors and speculation ran wild, and people did not know what to believe.

Fortunately, some experts provided in-depth interviews about the discovery, providing people the truth to help mitigate the media circus surrounding this situation.

Studying The Fossils

While paleontologists have been studying dinosaur lineage for decades, they have only been able to utilize subpar fossils for their research.

The low quality of these parts significantly hampered the researcher’s progress and often provided unreliable results.

Luckily with this discovery, experts hoped that they would see excellent progress in their dinosaur-related studies and could discover remnants of some new species after some time.

Quite a lot of paleontological organizations tried to lay claim to this fossil, stating that they had found it before the actual discoverers.

Luckily, it remained in possession of the paleontology museum in Argentina, where legitimate researchers would thoroughly study the fossil.

A Hidden Treasure

Doctor Jose Luis Carballido, a dinosaur expert at MEF, claimed that his discovery was nothing short of a “paleontological treasure.”

He further stated that there were several other well-preserved pieces of fossil. Surprisingly, most of them were intact, which is quite rare.

Scientists referred to this dinosaur as the Titanosaur. Doctor Carballido claimed that the leftovers of these species are fragmentary and irregular. 

What Do We Know About The Titanosaurs So Far?

According to recent pieces of research, the newly discovered fossils belong to herbivorous, long-necked dinosaurs called “Titanosaurs.”

Some experts think that the smallest one was bigger than a sizeable wild elephant.

It further highlights how tall the Titanosaurs were.

Paleontologists also believed that the fossils they discovered in Argentina belonged to the most massive creature of the species.

Based on their plant-based diet, four legs, long tails, and tall necks, many people thought that these dinosaur species closely resembled sauropods such as Diplodocus, Brachiosaurus, Apatosaurus, and Brontosaurus.

However, doctor Carrballido claimed that they are quite different.

During an interview with a local television network, the doctor explained that while the Titanosaur’s anatomy resembles other reptilian creatures, particularly at the tail vertebrae, he believed that different parts of their anatomy are opposites of each other. 

These Creatures Were Gargantuan

While it didn’t take much time for scientists to figure out that this creature was massive, determining its weight was proving to be quite challenging.

Diego Pol, a specialist at the MEF, said that the research time is using various indirect methods to determine the precise weight of these dinosaurs.

According to recent estimations, the Titanosaurs weighed around seventy to eighty tons, which is more than the combined weight of ten or eleven African elephants.

New Developments

As we were discussing earlier, the researches regarding these dinosaurs are in their initial stages.

That said, scientists are finding some trouble wrapping their heads around the durability of this animal’s bones.

They think that bone quality could be arguably the best they have seen so far among all reptiles.

As they test these bones further, they hope that the results could lead them towards a new path of discovery about the lineage of these dinosaurs.

Could There Be More?

With the recent discovery of the dinosaur bones, the world has been keeping a keen eye on its developments.

People believe that this could be the first of many remnants buried deep beneath the Earth’s surface.

They think that the remaining parts of the Titanosaur’s skeleton could be close to where the researchers discovered the first fossil.

It would help them create a full-fledged skeletal figure of this creature for displaying it in museums. 

While the crew at MEF has been working hard to find the remaining bones for years, they haven’t had much success.

However, they continue to explore different places hoping to find new leads that could point them in the right direction. They are also keeping a close eye on research results that the scientists provide them.

While some of their trips to unearth dinosaur parts have been successful, they believe that there is much more to discover.

That said, this case’s progress has significantly slowed them since the last year. But with the random nature of this field, you can always expect something to happen out of the blue.

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