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8 /10 Outlaws

The boom of motorcycle clubs in the United States during the postwar years and the economy gave birth to many biker gangs in the country.

Outlaws Motorcycle Club, which brands itself as the original one, had been born in 1935, a decade before WWII ended. The territory covers the eastern and central U.S.

One of its primary sources of income is drug smuggling at the Canadian border. However, the club has a rap sheet that includes murders in at least ten states in the U.S. and several more capital offenses in Belgium and U.K.


7 /10 Pagans

The most secretive of all one-percenter gangs is Pagan’s Motorcycle Club, often referred to as The Pagans.

Founded in 1959 before Hells Angels and Bandidos, no one knows how big The Pagans is. Some estimates suggest that the member’s count is in the range of 1,300 with more than 100 chapters all across the United States. It is mostly active on the East Coast.

In 2018, a clubhouse bust in Rhode Island unveiled a large stash of illegal weapons, including a rocket launcher. The Pagans are part of the “Big Four” and Hells Angels, Bandidos, and Outlaws.


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