Even if plastic surgeries remain pretty taboo subjects to talk about and discuss among the average person, things are different among the wealthy and famous.

Some of them hesitate to actually speak up about cosmetic procedures, but at the same time they appear in public looking like different individuals from who they used to be in the past; they don’t speak about it, yet they show it.

To some extent their fans can understand because physical beauty is part of celebrities’ jobs; they have to look impressive every single time regardless of age.

A breast augmentation seems to be the norm among female celebrities, along with rhinoplasty and lip filler.

Fans can even appreciate such efforts simply because they are happy to see pretty faces and sexy figures on the screen.

Plastic surgeries become objects of criticisms when a person, especially a famous one, has undergone an extensive range of cosmetic procedures to the point where they seem to abandon their past identities.

Even worse, such surgeries could destroy natural beauty instead of enhancing it.

10 Heidi Montag

The American reality television star Heidi Montag was born on September 15, 1986.

She became famous for her appearance in the MTV series The Hill.

Her popularity suddenly skyrocketed even higher when the world found out that she had undergone 10 plastic surgeries in a single day.

Nobody had to dig through her medical records to know that, because she and her husband made a huge fuss about the surgeries themselves.

Montag later showed regret and admitted to having the surgeries done simply because of pressure from Internet trolls.

9 Lil Kim

A combination of unconventional fashion statements and romantic relationship with Biggie Smalls turned the rapper Lil Kim into an even bigger sensation than she already was.

Her skills in rap music are as fascinating as ever, but many of her fans are somehow disappointed with how she has transformed her physical appearance over the years.

Lil Kim has never admitted to getting any cosmetic procedures done, although anybody can see from her various photos online how she has almost completely and unnaturally changed.

8 Amanda Lepore

The transgender American model and performance artist Amanda Lepore had been famous long before the world even heard about Kim Kardashian and her deliberately released sex tape.

Lepore admitted to having undergone breast augmentation, butt implants, forehead lift, rhinoplasty, and lip injection in addition to making her eyes look bigger and modification on the bottom ribs to achieve doll-like hourglass figure.

From every angle, she now looks like a cartoon character drawn based on a blend of Marilyn Monroe and Jessica Rabbit.

7 Dolly Parton

When it comes plastic surgeries, Dolly Parton is among few famous figures without hesitation to let everybody know.

She does not shy away from admitting that she had undergone some cosmetic procedures over the years including breast implants, face lift, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, and even brow lift.

She once admitted that she wasn’t naturally pretty, so she decided to make the most of what she had.

Her idea of beauty has always been based on the image of ideal glam country girl.

6 Tara Reid

The female American actor, Tara Reid, gained fame from her role as Vicky in the American Pie films.

Her career suddenly suffered a great deal in 2004 after she had undergone a breast augmentation procedure, which ended up ruining her natural beauty instead.

The surgery caused deformed nipples, rippled skin, and sagging stomach.

Following months of denial and believing that the side effects would get better, she eventually realized everything became worse instead.

Tara Reid decided to have the breast augmentation reversed in 2006.

5 Donatella Versace

The Italian designer and businessperson Donatella Versace is currently the chief creative officer of Versace, a fashion company that her brother Gianni Versace founded.

If there is one thing you cannot possibly fail to realize each time you see her now is her overly plump upper lip.

Naturally the lower lip of a person tends to be about 50 percent larger than the upper one.

In Donatella Versace, the proportion is reversed. Her skin also looks overly smooth like wax, which is a sign of multiple laser treatments.

4 Rene Zellweger

When Rene Zellweger stood on the red carpet at the American ELLE Women in Hollywood Awards in October 2014, the world almost did not recognize her.

News outlets started to compare some of her past and recent photographs, leading to a worldwide belief that she had been under the knife.

Within just 24 hours after her appearance at the event, every possible news media seemed to have a story about how Zellweger changed her own face.

Until now it remains unclear whether she had undergone cosmetic procedures of any sort.

3 Tori Spelling

Being in the spotlight for almost her entire adult life makes Tori Spelling all too familiar with hearsay and scrutiny.

On the subject of plastic surgery, Spelling is frank with her admission to having such procedures done.

That being said, the BH90210 star and co-creator still does not understand why many people seem to suggest that she had undergone more surgeries than she claimed.

Spelling admitted to have her nose and boobs done, and nothing more, although it never stops everyone from making wild speculations.

2 Pamela Anderson

Being a star in Baywatch added with numerous appearances in Playboy magazine could only earn Pamela Anderson wider recognition as a bombshell.

Anderson is no stranger to plastic surgeries, and even willing to talk about all the procedures she had taken over the years.

She has had several plastic surgeries including a number of lips enhancements and breast augmentations.

While Anderson is not against cosmetic procedures, right now she has the intention to let everything age naturally and refuses to undergo anything extreme.

1 Michael Jackson

Following the unprecedented success of “Thriller” in 1983, Michael Jackson’s physical transformation turned into something much more than artistic statement.

In the video for the hit, he undergoes multiple transformations from man to werewolf to zombie to a man again.

During the 1990s, Jackson’s bleached skin also became more apparent. His facial structure changed over time too.

Some people close to the super famous celebrity estimated that Jackson had undergone around ten plastic surgeries, and those were only by 1990.

He indeed looked completely different throughout his long successful career.

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